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Human Resources Partnerships



With a qualified directory of more than 2,000 Venture Capital and Mid-Market/LBO private equity firms, BoogarLists is an excellent place for entrepreneurs to begin their search for investment capital. Whether starting a new company or striving to take an early stage company to the next level, CEO’s and CFO’s will invariably want to seek out new sources of capital or other financial services. BoogarLists provides an extensive directory of financial, operations and marketing services, as well as a comprehensive directory of conferences and associations, across the technology, media and communications industries



Employment Law Information Network

The Employment Law Information Network ("ELIN") is a no charge legal resource web site that is designed for employment lawyers, in-house employment counsel and human resource professionals.

The concept behind ELIN is simple: we connect those who know about employment law (employment lawyers) with those who need to know about employment law (HR professionals). Our portal allows you to keep pace with the changing landscape of workplace law.

ELIN's mission is to remain the brand name resource for free employment law information on the Internet.  The company is dedicated to providing quality content, reliable access, community spirit and customer service. ELIN is operated by, LLC, which was founded in June 2000 by Patrick J. Della Valle, Esq.



Expatriate Foundation

Established in 2008, the Expatriate Foundation is the first of its kind to reach out to expatriates, scholar practitioners,human resource professionals, and internationally minded citizens and organizations who share a common bond; one in which education,learning, and the desire for success meet equally for the betterment of all. In this ever-changing world, one resounding constant remains: ...our unwavering commitment.

Expatriate Foundation Creed



Human Resources Exchange Network

The Human Resources Professionals Exchange Network is a professional group for elite leaders of Human Resources to come and network, share/discuss articles, ideas, practices, podcasts, videos with HR peers across all industries. 


os is the #1 destination for information on legal and regulatory issues in outsourcing law. The site provides valuable resources and information to help business executives, in-house lawyers and consultants develop and manage effective contracts for outsourced services in the fields of information technology, finance, human resources, research and marketing. It publishes a free newsletter ten times a year and is edited by Bierce & Kenerson, P.C., an award winning, internationally recognized technology and business law firm providing legal support to businesses in the areas of contract development and business processing of outsourcing services.



The Outsourcing Magazine

The Outsourcing magazine is published by Wordlabs Global once in every two months for the niche needs of decision makers in the global services industry. It focuses on bringing quality content to its audience through a global network of highly experienced writers. Most of the participants and advertisers and participants of the publication are blue-chip companies and government trade agencies worldwide. The magazine reaches out to its audience of over 200,000 globally through comprehensive circulation of hard copies, e-magazine and subsequent digital channels. The publication is also circulated in major outsourcing-themed events worldwide to increase exposure amongst the all-important “decision-maker” audiences.