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The Datafication of HR: Graduating from Metrics to Analytics
Global competition for talent, outsourcing labor, compliance legislation, remote workers, aging populations – these are just a few of the daunting challenges faced by HR organizations today. Yet the most commonly monitored workforce metrics do very little to deliver true insight into these topics. In this report, we break down 5 areas of Read more
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How CHROs Deliver Business Impact
Talent. Everyone knows that it can give your organization a competitive edge. But whose job is it? Does it belong to the CEO? Or to HR? The answer is both. The responsibility for talent is not a chicken-or-egg question of who comes first. Instead, it is a carefully choreographed dance in which the C-suite and HR are partners in developing talent Learn more
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Retail Insights: Consistency is Key
AchieveGlobal surveyed 2,500 U.S. customers to gather insight into how retailers can capture higher wallet share through a consistently good customer experience. Competing on price is rarely a sustainable strategy, so retailers must deliver beyond the baseline with consistent personal interactions (service, advice, and support) that help shoppers Learn more
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Best Practice Benchmarking for HR Shared Services
This report by HRIQ is supported by audience participation and two years of research from Towers Watson. Hear from a pool of HR Shared Service managers, directors, VPs and Presidents, as they share a glimpse into their Shared Services operations. Gain insight into what your peers and competitors are doing in their organizations with the Learn more
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Top 10 Best Practices in HR Management
HR professionals have the opportunity to play a more strategic role in the business by keeping up to date with the latest HR innovations--technological, legal, and otherwise. This special report will discuss how HR managers can anticipate and address some of the most challenging HR issues. Make sure you have the information you need to know Learn more
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According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the number one reason people leave their jobs is lack of appreciation. These figures speak to the challenge of talent retention and employee engagement, illustrating that a troubling percentage of employees who feel undervalued move on to what they hope will be greener pastures. But what of the Learn more
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At most organizations, the workforce is both a significant expense and the most important asset. In order to manage the workforce appropriately — and in turn to serve the business as a strategic partner — HR needs to implement consistent, integrated, and flexible processes and systems. In effect, HR needs to implement best Learn more
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Not too long ago, the idea of "globalizing" was the exclusive concern of large companies with widespread operations. In today’s new world economy, everyone is looking to get into the global game, with countries like China, India and Brazil growing at two and three times the rate of established economies. Based on the remarkable Learn more
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Since 1928, Brookshire Grocery Company (Brookshire’s) has adhered to a "people first" operating philosophy that has helped the company grow to more than 150 supermarkets, 3 distribution centers, and approximately 13,000 partners (employees). To support this growth, Brookshire’s wanted to retire its disparate legacy Learn more
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Align Your Workforce with Business Needs and Objectives
Identifying, competing for, and retaining key talent is a top priority for any HR executive. But too often, business strategy isn’t translated by HR into a holistic workforce plan for execution. Rather, planning is done in a fragmented way using data dumps, spreadsheets, and multiple systems from multiple countries. Relevant information Learn more
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