Michael Rosenberg

Michael Rosenberg is an internationally-recognized expert in the application of learning that helps build cultures of innovation and build sustainable leadership. He is a widely published writer whose work has been featured in Chief Learning Officer magazine, The Globe and Mail, H.R. Reporter and the Mississauga Business Times. Rosenberg is the author of The Flexible Thinker®: A Guide to Creative Wealth and The Flexible Thinker® Guide to Extreme Career Performance (co-written with Sandra Boyd) and has been a guest lecturer at several universities. He is a dynamic speaker who uses his background in business improvisation for interactive and fun keynotes and workshops.

Rosenberg's work has been extensively studied and measured by the University of Western Ontario, where the results were published in the journal Organizational Science. Rosenberg has worked with many large government, private and not-for-profit organizations including, Bombardier, the Province of Alberta, the State of New York, Ontario Public Sector Commission, the City of Kitchener, the City of Mississauga and the State of Delaware.

Rosenberg's tools have been used to:

  • Take a six week process and converting it to a one day process without loss of quality.
  • Help a large municipality create a million dollar center with minimal use of taxpayer dollars.
  • Work with a team of engineers to help them design a part of a jet engine.
  • Create a community-based leadership program to provide succession planning for the community.

Rosenberg is the founder of Leadership Peel, a community-based leadership program, the co-founder of the Applied Improvisation Network, a group of practitioners and academics who apply the tools of improvisation to create sustainable change and a member of the Canadian Society for Training and Development, the International Alliance of Learning and the North American Simulations and Games Association.

Rosenberg can be reached at oyg

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