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Last week, we looked at the myriad of benefits that flexible schedules provide to employees. This week we will delve into some of the benefits for employers....Full Article »
In recent years there has been a rise in demand for flexible work. Whether the definition of flexible fits around hours or location, there is no denying that there has been an overall increase in interest shown by both employees and employers....Full Article »
There has already been an endless supply of articles written about the way that Millennials work. While some of the articles bring up interesting points that may be somewhat unique for the Millennial worker, such as a demand for organizational utilization of up-to-date technology, many of the things written about Millennial workers are simply...Full Article »
Not that long ago, HR was known by a different name. Long before there was any mention of human in the name of those that looked over other human beings, HR was simply Personnel or Personnel Management....Full Article »
In the last post, we discovered how having a digital presence can strengthen your employer brand and help attract potential employees. This week, we will delve into the ways marketing can help HR in this new mission....Full Article »
Prior to speaking at November's Chief Human Resources Officer Exchange, Susan shares her thoughts on HR’s digital transformation, HR in 2020, appification, and the digital process in this exclusive Q&A....Full Article »
In the last post, we started to look at how HR and marketing begin to mix for the purpose of employer branding. This week we will take a further look at the relationship forging between these two industries....Full Article »
PayPal’s Chief Learning Officer, Derek Hann talks with IQPC Exchange’s Kristen Schipfer-Barrett about the future of learning and development, organizational structure, and the rise of the gig economy....Full Article »
In the last post, we looked at using a marketing approach to create compelling job descriptions that will attract rock star talent. For this post, we will look at one of the ways marketing and HR may soon be intertwined....Full Article »
This week, we will look at using a marketing approach to posting job descriptions that attract rock star talent. When posting a job online, do you think about who might read it?...Full Article »
28 results
of 3