Kiron D.

Kiron D. Bondale

Kiron D. Bondale, PMP is the Director, Corporate Project Management Office for Agricorp.  

Kiron has worked for over thirteen years in the project management domain with a focus on technology and change management.  He has setup and managed Project Management Offices and has provided Project Portfolio Management

(PPM) and Project Management (PM) consulting services to clients across multiple industries.

Kiron served as a volunteer director on the Board of the PMI Lakeshore Chapter for six years and remains an active member of PMI.

He has published articles on PPM & PM in multiple industry journals and has delivered presentations within the PPM/PM domain at multiple conferences and webinars.  In addition to this blog, Kiron contributes articles on a monthly basis to

Kiron is a firm believer that a pragmatic approach to organization change that addresses process & technology, but most important, people will maximize your chances for success.

For more of Kiron's views on project, business & change management, please visit his blog at or contact him directly at kiron_bondale @ yahoo . ca

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