David Intrator

David Intrator is an award-wining writer and filmmaker.

He has worked as a copywriter, commercial film director and documentarian both here and abroad, developing brands for a wide range of companies including IBM, Chase and United Airlines.

He is also President of Strategic Documentaries, which takes an innovative approach to creating and communicating brand and corporate strategies.

In 2010 Intrator founded The Creative Organization. Through seminars, workshop and consulting engagements, The Creative Organization helps companies become more profitable by helping them become more creative.

Intrator is a Harvard graduate and currently based in New York City.  

Throughout the weeks and months in which I played regularly in the early evening with the drum circle, we’d always be surrounded by a large and diverse group of people who spontaneously joined in our music making in whatever way they could. It was not about playing correctly, or inventively, or even beautifully. All that mattered here was...Full Article »
Creativity, as I’ve written before, is more a deliberate process of problem-solving than one of receiving divine inspiration or digging into one’s unconscious. It is, however, a special kind of problem-solving, in which you are the one who defines the problem and establishes the criteria for an acceptable solution....Full Article »
A persistent myth about creativity, one that seriously inhibits creative thinking and innovation, is the belief that one needs to "think outside the box." Nothing could be further from the truth....Full Article »
In light of the never ending demand for greater efficiencies and cost cutting, one has to ask a fundamental, if painful, question: what is the value of human beings— and, in particular, American human beings—in our new economy? This was explored to considerable extent in Daniel Pink's brilliant book, A Whole New Mind. Pink...Full Article »
Everyone seems to agree that in order to succeed, you need to have a vision. Brands need a vision. Companies need a vision. Even each one of us, as individuals, needs a vision of where we're going in our job, in our career, in our life overall. A vision is the source, so we're told, from which all strategies and actions flow,...Full Article »