Eric Matas

 Eric Matas is the Creative Director at Mortimer James Media and the Editor of eLearning Weekly Magazine. His work focus is media strategy and elearning. Before entering the corporate training world, Eric taught as Faculty in English for the Minnesota State Colleges & Universities and as a writing instructor at ITT Technical Institute. After his academic career, he worked as an Instructional Designer and eLearning Specialist for several companies including Blue Cross Blue Shield and the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. Eric and his wife Betsey stay busy raising their 5 children.  


I’m a scholar of distance learning, so I understand how courses like these came to be. Generally speaking, they were made by innovative people with good intentions and deliberate planning. And even though courses like these still get made, I know that improvements have been made. Designers and developers have implemented revisions to temper...Full Article »
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I love to make eLearning, but I don’t like to take eLearning. The eLearning I have to take is usually of a certain, unfortunate type: an epic-length slide deck, both dense and wordy, converted to Flash by a rapid eLearning authoring tool, delivered all in one shot on a Learning Management System (LMS) during a randomly-chosen, mandatory learning...Full Article »
This article will introduce the top trends in the increasingly mobile world of training and learning. To me (and many other learning professionals), it’s all about eLearning. I will discuss eLearning design, development, and delivery whether it’s aimed at mobile devices, somewhat mobile devices, or completely immobile devices!...Full Article »
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Eric Matas, Editor for eLearning Weekly Magazine, joins HRIQ once again to discuss the developing an mLearning platform. He will share: -strategies for effective mobile learning -reaching your workforce with eLearning And more....Full Article »