Jeff Cattel

Jeff Cattel is the editor of Corporate Learning Network and Human Resources IQ, two industry-leading publications that cover human resources, corporate learning, training, and online learning for colleges and universities. Feel free to send him an email and follow him on Twitter at @CLN_Jeff.

When it comes to training, many learning and development professionals focus on improving employees' skill sets. But how do you impact employees' attitude, motives and drive for achievement? We sat down with Mike Esterday, CEO at Integrity Solutions, to see how the performance improvement company works with clients to address key...Full Article »
More than half of HR professionals say their recruiting strategy is designed to help increase diversity at their organization, according to a report released this week by the Society for Human Resource Management....Full Article »
While HR professionals often excel at utilizing and developing soft skills, the new realities of the business world means that human resources departments are increasingly under pressure to add metrics and analytics to their programs. Cheryl Fullerton, VP of Total Rewards and Performance Management at Maple Leaf Foods, says that this shift to...Full Article »
A lack of talent adaptability among employees at corporations worldwide costs the global economy $150 billion annually, according to just-released research by PwC and LinkedIn. The report focused on the inability for people to retrain for new skills and switch industries, two must-have characteristics in today's fast-paced and ever-changing...Full Article »
When Peter Drucker began distilling his management principles more than half a century ago, he focused on a "what to do," not a "how to do it" perspective. The point of his dozens of books and papers on management the modern workforce was to help companies begin to ask the questions to improve their processes and procedures. Now, Dr. Bill Cohen...Full Article »