February 24 - 26, 2019
Westin Downtown Austin, Austin, TX

Exchange Day 3

8:15 am - 8:50 am Networking Breakfast

8:50 am - 9:00 am Chairperson’s Remarks - Michelle Eppler, Associate Vice President, Bellevue University Human Capital Lab

9:00 am - 9:30 am Fireside Chat - Redefine Learning for Today’s Modern Learner: Experiential Learning as a Competitive Differentiator

Mary Andereck has extensive experience across the industry, and we’d like to sit down with her to talk about the merger of training, learning and hands-on experience- the best way to provide skills which learners can immediately use. This fireside chat will:
·         Highlight leadership development programs for entry-, mid- and senior-level leaders
·         Utilize enterprisewide Learning Management System to determine the effectiveness, efficiency, customer satisfaction, and performance improvement
·         Integrate executive coaching into performance support
·         Enhance overall culture with new employee onboarding
·         Discuss the relevance of the 70-20-10 model in the Internet age
Mary Andereck, Interim CLO, Director, Leadership Development at Parkland Hospital

Mary Andereck

Interim CLO, Director, Leadership Development
Parkland Hospital

9:30 am - 10:00 am Focus Session - Practitioner Roundtable Discussions Continued

Earlier in the exchange, you had the opportunity to choose a critical topic area as identified by the Thoughtexchange tool. Smaller groups were formed to develop an action plan for improvement. During this session, attendees will have the ability to continue the discussion and receive a report from each group, detailing their specific action plans and next steps.

10:00 am - 10:05 am Transition time

10:05 am - 10:35 am Business Meetings

10:35 am - 11:05 am Business Meetings

11:05 am - 11:35 am Business Meetings/ Networking Break

11:35 am - 11:40 am Transition time

11:40 am - 12:10 pm Case Study - Reskilling Revolution: Continuous Learning in the Age of Automation

As companies integrate better data into their workforce planning, they are coming to recognize a growing skills disparity between their needs in the medium term and their existing workforce. Join Rose as she walks us through how at Allstate, she’s implementing training programs and platforms that transform their workforce of today. Learn how to:

•Map employee journeys to determine learning program outcomes
•Implement tools and platforms to enable continuous learning
•Empower employees to develop themselves
•Create programs that are efficient, effective, and scalable

Rose Sheldon, Director – Enterprise Learning Programs at Allstate Insurance Company

Rose Sheldon

Director – Enterprise Learning Programs
Allstate Insurance Company

12:10 pm - 12:40 pm Closing Address - Fostering a Culture of Innovation and Creativity Through Learning

Nowadays, innovation is more than a buzzword, it’s a competitive necessity for any businesses. The most forward-thinking organizations are changing the way they operate to support consistent creativity and innovation. In this session, Katie will share how her team is changing traditional L&D practices and adopting design thinking models, product mindset, and marketing principles to build space for creativity and innovation at the organizational level.
·         HR innovation lab
·         Reverse onboarding
·         Design Sprints for curriculum building
Katie Hollis, Sr Director, Employee Development at Indeed.com

Katie Hollis

Sr Director, Employee Development

12:40 pm - 2:00 pm Exchange Concludes & Depart for Site Tour

2:00 pm - 3:30 pm USAA Design Studio Tour

The discipline of design thinking has a great deal to offer the L&D community. Hear from Erin on how USAA is using Design Thinking to construct learning experiences. Join this site tour to learn about how to deepen the Human-Centered Design learning and practice and how well USAA did at refining their learning experiences.
Erin Hauber, Director, Human-Centered Design Practice at USAA

Erin Hauber

Director, Human-Centered Design Practice

3:30 pm - 4:00 pm Return from Site Tour