The Learning Transformation Curve - Unleash Growth Through Technology, Creativity and Innovation

By: Nadia Chaity

Learning and development has always been a fundamental concern, but certain trends are making it particularly relevant in the modern business climate. Encompassing changing customer demands, new technology and evolving insights reveal why and how businesses must transform their approach to employee development. So to truly engage and empower employees, we must develop an ongoing, personalized “journey” that consistently makes our employees more efficient, more customer-centric and more committed to the business’ objectives. Join CLOs from Bank of America, Facebook, Southwest Airlines among many others as they discuss:

  • Building a High Performance Internal L&D Team
  • Finding Path to Innovation with Powerful and Simple L&D Solutions
  • Measuring ROI to Prove and Improve L&D Effectiveness 

We look forward to seeing you at Chief Learning Officer Exchange in Austin! CLO Exchange is a peer-vetted event, which is limited to 50 attendees, talking about emerging trends in the industry and shift points. L&D leaders really enjoy the high-energy dynamics of our Exchanges and get fresh ideas to feature new information, research, and best practices from across the field of aging. For a full list of conference sessions and speakers, take a moment to view our full agenda.

See you in February at Austin!

Nadia Chaity- Conference Director