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Kevin Cope is the author of "Seeing the Big Picture," a No. 1 Wall Street Journal and New York Times best-seller and founder and CEO of Acumen Learning, the definitive source for customized strategy, finance, and business acumen training. Kevin's clients include some of the most respected and profitable companies in the world, including 26 of the Fortune 50. He's been recognized as a top-rated speaker at national conventions, including SHRM and ATD; he’s been a guest on news and business talk radio programs, including National Public Radio; and he's been featured in Chief Executive and Fast Company. No matter your role or experience, Kevin's message will help you build your business acumen to advance your credibility, career, and company.

Day One: Sunday, February 23, 2020

Sunday, February 23rd, 2020

12:05 PM Seeing the Big Picture - Business Acumen to Build Your Credibility, Career & Company

As Your executive team wants the entire business to be profitable, not just a single unit. They need all employees to understand and better contribute to how the entire company makes money. And employees want to feel that the work they do for their company is worthwhile and makes a difference. The problem is that most people “in” business, don’t “get” business. While we understand our jobs, the big picture seems too complex to grasp, and complexity is an underlying challenge in any business, regardless of size, industry, or stage of development. 

How do we simplify the complex? Bestselling author, Kevin Cope, has helped top companies figure it out. When you break down even the largest, most complex multinational company into its most fundamental elements, you’ll find the same five drivers that power your business, or any business. If you want to be seen as a major contributor, someone who understands your overall business – not just how your department works – you need to understand how you can affect these drivers through your decisions and actions. You need to build your business acumen. 

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