February 24 - 26, 2019
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Website: www.abilitie.com

Abilitie’s team-based leadership simulations put your employees to the test. We put participants under pressure in rich, complex environments that simulate real-world business challenges. Participants hone their leadership and business acumen skills by collaborating with teammates, competing with others in a simulated marketplace, and receiving detailed feedback from skilled coaches.... Read More

Acumen Learning
Website: http://acumenlearning.com/

Acumen Learning specializes in customized business and financial acumen training. When you partner with Acumen Learning for customized business acumen training, you benefit from our extensive experience, which includes engagements with 19 of the Fortune 50, and our research based approach that's clear enough to reach individual contributors and sophisticated... Read More

Bellevue University
Website: http://www.Corporatelearning.com

A national leader in corporate learning programs that produce positive ROI for the company and greater job success and confidence for employees, Bellevue University starts and ends with business outcomes to create a win/win for the company and your people.  One of our proven programs is called Future Leader FundamentalsSM... Read More

Website: http://www.bisk.com

Bisk, a pioneer in corporate learning, partners with leading nonprofit universities to offer today’s workforce the knowledge for tomorrow’s economy. Our platform builds the bridge between business and higher education to help employees build a better world. Since 1971, Bisk has enrolled more than 1.2 million students into more than 1,200 courses.  Read More

Capella Applied Leadership Series
Website: www.capella.edu/CLO

The Capella Applied Leadership Series is an online leadership development program specifically geared toward readying employees who are moving into a leadership role for the first time. Focusing on key leadership competencies, this program is scalable and can be tailored to support an organization’s goals, strategic priorities and corporate culture.The... Read More

Case Study Consulting
Website: www.casestudyconsulting.com

Case Study Consulting (CSC) was founded in 2009 by James Quinn, formerly a senior researcher with Harvard Business School.  The vision of the firm has always been to bring "Case Method to leading organizations around the world."  In so doing, we help leaders and their teams study their most important... Read More

Website: http://www.Cylient.com

Cylient is dedicated to integrating coaching-based leadership into the fabric of organizations to drive transformation. We partner with organizations to make coaching a way of life so that organizations become more adaptable, collaborative and innovative.  Leaders gain the perspective and practical skills they need to make change happen more smoothly,... Read More

Website: http://www.ddiworld.com

We are DDI. With 1,100 associates strong worldwide, we work side by side with clients to build a sustainable pipeline of leaders to meet business needs—today and in the years ahead.  Because, like you, we believe better leaders lead to a better future, we have dedicated ourselves to the science... Read More

Website: http://get.degreed.com/enterprise

Degreed is an award-winning learning platform built for the way today’s workers really build skills and grow their careers. We make it easy for you to integrate, curate and personalize all your learning and development. So everyone in your organization can discover it, share it and track it. However and... Read More

Fred Pryor Seminars and CareerTrack
Website: http://www.trainingrewards.com

Pryor Learning Solutions, parent company of Fred Pryor Seminars and CareerTrackAs a leader within the learning industry for more than 40 years, Pryor has helped more than 11 million people reach their career goals by offering comprehensive, affordable and convenient business, compliance and safety training. What began with Fred Pryor... Read More

JPW Consulting
Website: www.jpwconsulting.com

JPW Consulting offers a comprehensive approach to end-user adoption called the JPW Adoption Playbook, which combines 20+ years of experience, with effective training strategies, formal change management practices, and proven instructional design methodologies. The tools, strategies, and best practices compiled in this playbook promote ultimate adoption for our clients. JPW... Read More

Website: http://www.kaltura.com

Video plays a key role in any digital workplace—it’s time to make video a native tool fully integrated with your workflow. Leverage a unified enterprise video solution to create a business that’s more efficient, effective, and engaging. Kaltura is the leading enterprise video platform, offering the tools to power every... Read More

Lingo Live
Website: www.lingolive.com

Lingo Live connects multilingual employees to a personal language and communication coach to help them contribute as their authentic selves with more confidence at work via task-based learning.Lessons are situated-within each individual’s professional goals and cover global workplace language and communication skills, from running an agile scrum to help with... Read More

McGraw Hill
Website: http://www.mheducation.com

As the global leader in adaptive learning, McGraw-Hill Education Learning Science Platforms unlocks superior organizational performance by driving mastery and measurable results through a powerful data layer. When a course is delivered on our platform, it creates a data layer that powers not only adaptive learning but also tailored instruction... Read More

Website: www.mursion.com

Mursion is the virtual reality environment where professionals practice and master the complex interpersonal skills necessary to be effective in high-stakes professions. Mursion uses a combination of artificial intelligence and live actors to deliver powerful and personalized micro learning simulations that recreate the most demanding interpersonal challenges professionals confront on... Read More

Website: www.opensesame.com

OpenSesame helps companies develop the world’s most productive and admired workforces. With the most comprehensive catalog of courses from the world’s top publishers, OpenSesame helps you every step of the way, from finding courses and mapping them to your core competencies, syncing them seamlessly with your LMS to increasing utilization... Read More

Website: http://www.rps.com

Raytheon Professional Services (RPS) is a global learning solutions provider aligned to your organization’s every learning need. Our customers, who view training as critical to their business outcomes, typically exist within high consequence environments, and as such, rely heavily on our experienced team members for results-driven, no-fail custom training solutions,... Read More

Rosetta Stone
Website: https://www.rosettastone.com/

Rosetta Stone is a global leader in technology-driven language and learning solutions for individuals, classrooms, and entire organizations. Our scalable, interactive solutions have been used by over 12,000 businesses, 9,000 public sector organizations, and 22,000 education institutions worldwide, and by millions of learners in over 150 countries. Rosetta Stone’s solution... Read More

Roundtable Learning
Website: http://www.roundtablelearning.com

Roundtable Learning solves business problems with custom learning solutions. With 20 years of experience in both learning management systems and learning content, we partner with companies to understand their business needs and design solutions that work for them.Clients come to Roundtable Learning for customized, flexible LMS’s and learning courses that... Read More

Website: http://www.simpleshow.com

Simpleshow is the expert in explainer videos. We provide concise, engaging video clips that solve society’s need to explain in the shortest amount of time possible. Within just 3 minutes, Simpleshow can deliver any message to explain any idea, no matter how complex. Simpleshow has produced thousands of videos for... Read More

Website: http://www.thoughtexchange.com

Thoughtexchange provides software and services that bring people together to build trust and make progress on important topics. Whether it’s employees, customers or whole communities, our solutions effortlessly connect you to your stakeholders. People can confidentially and independently share their thoughts, appreciate other points of view and understand how their... Read More

Wharton Executive Education
Website: http://www.whartonEvolvingLeaders.com

Business leaders seek knowledge from other proven leaders, and Wharton – one of the world’s leading business schools – is an engine of positive change. Each year, more than 9,000 executives worldwide choose Wharton Executive Education to navigate change and advance their leadership at every level. Our faculty bring a... Read More