Melissa Kersey

Chief People Officer McDonald’s

As CPO, Melissa is leading the efforts in the U.S. to evolve our People practices to further accelerate growth and drive meaningful results for our employees, our business partners and the company. Prior to joining McDonald’s, Melissa was the SVP of Global People for Walmart, where she helped to modernize their People function and People practices. Melissa also spent more than 20 years in various roles and leadership positions in the retail and telecommunications industries. 

Day One - Sunday, January 26, 2020

Sunday, January 26th, 2020

11:20 AM Keynote: Reshaping Your Company Culture can Improve Your Bottom Line

Culture transformation requires an advanced set of tools to identify what motivates your employees, diagnoses issues, and helps you discover a clear path. Changing the way your employees feel at work, and in return, changing the way your employees represent your brand, takes ingenuity, passion and a roadmap for success. This case study will examine the journey of a successful culture transformation, and answer some key questions:
·         What was the initial response from Senior Leadership and did you have to build a case to carry out your objectives?
·         What was the biggest hurdle in getting the organization to view your culture differently? What was the biggest hurdle in getting the consumer to view your organization differently?
·         What were the hardest initiatives to get pushed through and which ones had the greatest impact?
·         What metrics can you share, and what are some lessons learned from your experience? 

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