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April 19 - 21, 2020 | The Ritz Carlton Golf Resort, Naples, FL

Day Two: Monday, May 20

7:15 am - 8:00 am Breakfast

8:00 am - 8:05 am Chairperson's Remarks

Eric Gordon - Senior Vice President, AYCO

Eric Gordon

Senior Vice President

8:05 am - 8:40 am Succession Planning: An Investment Portfolio Approach

Shawn Moren - CHRO, Regis Corporation
Maximizing profit is a continuous challenge when it comes to any business. More than ever HR’s role is becoming an integral part of altering the mindset within an organization to ensure processes are driven with the overall objectives of the business. Shawn Moren, CHRO, with Regis Corporation has been given the opportunity to sit at the business planning table with creation of her own approach driven by the demands of investors. Moren will take us through the planning process and discuss her insights as to how using a shareholder lense to evaluate talent creates an ROI for succession planning will allow the company’s most important asset to be utilized at its fullest potential, human capital.

Shawn Moren

Regis Corporation

8:40 am - 9:10 am Beyond Checking the Box: How to Personalize Leadership Development and Inclusion Strategies

Dr. Pamela Hopkins - Managing Partner & Co-Founder, Enact Leadership Inc.
Sindri Anderson - Managing Partner & Co-Founder, Enact Leadership Inc.
Organizations today struggle to retain and develop emerging leaders who demand a diverse, inclusive culture and engaging, personalized learning programs. HR and line leaders need to move beyond event-driven, short-term responses to the complex requirements of today’s workforce.

Grounded in our organizational and leadership development expertise, Enact has developed game-changing solutions for these challenges. In this two-part interactive session based on real case examples in global organizations, we will dive deep into:

• Processes and programs to build an inclusive culture (that actually work). We will discuss how a premier health care organization applied a four-step framework to guide their 3-year inclusive culture strategy and achieve desired results.
• Personalized, innovative digital leadership development that scales and makes a measurable impact. Learn how a global technology company cracked the code in implementing a fresh,
interactive digital learning program for its emerging leaders.

You will take-away actionable ideas and ways forward in this case-based, hands-on session.

Dr. Pamela Hopkins

Managing Partner & Co-Founder
Enact Leadership Inc.


Sindri Anderson

Managing Partner & Co-Founder
Enact Leadership Inc.


9:15 am - 10:00 am Why is Action Planning so Difficult? An Agile Approach to Acting on Employee Feedback
Amy Lavoie - Regional Director of People Science, Glint
Archana Ramesh - Senior People Science Consultant, Glint
While most organizations today are leveraging employee engagement surveys, 80% of leaders don't believe their programs are driving meaningful change. This signals something is fundamentally wrong with how we have been approaching employee feedback.

There is a great opportunity to shift away from the traditional focus on survey events and action plans, and instead, adopt a scalable and sustainable approach to using employee feedback to fuel change.

In this workshop, you will learn how to design a measurement strategy that empowers managers to not only listen to feedback, but do something with it.

During with workshop, you will:

• Understand the importance of shifting the mindset around who owns employee engagement results and the simple signals you may be sending that confuse ownership and accountability
• Learn how you can help managers understand where to focus and outline a simple action-taking process (hint: it’s not about a cumbersome action plan!)
• Discover how your role as an HR professional transforms from administrative to strategic when managers are empowered

Amy Lavoie

Regional Director of People Science


Archana Ramesh

Senior People Science Consultant


9:15 am - 10:00 am Are Your Employees at Risk?
As the company that created identity protection 22 years ago, our relentless focus has always been on protecting people from the threat of identity theft. Today, those threats are ever increasing as our digital lifestyles expose our data with every online interaction as we shop, search, play, use social media, pay bills, manage investments and engage with the world via digital devices and channels. We believe that identity protection starts with personal cybersecurity and our use of IBM Watson artificial intelligence delivers a solution that has no equal in the marketplace.

• Build an understanding of threat types and how they affect the organization
• Learn the difference of continuous scanning
• Easy recovery tools when a threat has been detected

10:00 am - 10:15 am Networking Break

10:15 am - 10:45 am Business Meetings

10:45 am - 11:15 am Business Meetings

11:15 am - 11:45 am Business Meetings

As companies think about how they evolve their understanding of their organizations, people, culture - Cat Kennedy talks about HEINEKEN USA’s journey of listening to the pulse of their organization, on the things that matter most. Through a fully transparent conversation with all of their people, we hear HEINEKEN USA’s different, if not slightly disruptive approach, to engaging everyone in the conversation & being part of the solution.

Adam Tanner

Co-Founder & Product Manager


Cat Kennedy

Senior Director of Organizational Development, Heineken USA

12:20 pm - 1:20 pm Networking Lunch

Roundtable Discussions- Chooser Your Topic

We're in an era that many are calling the “fourth industrial revolution.” A technology-dominated future is on the horizon, transforming the way we live and work. Jobs that do not exist today will soon be commonplace. 

The Institute for the Future has identified five future ‘Super Skills’, create a personal brand, become digitally fluent, build a tribe, make sense of complexity, and become more resilient.  Arguably these are all, what are considered 'soft skills'; however, how can any company prepare for these future super skills? The paradigm for training soft skills is different from that of hard skills, hence the challenge. In this session, we will explore how to train for the future with soft skills. Topics covered will include: Why soft skills are the key to future-proofing your workforce, the problem of training for soft skills (and strategy to solve for it) and the science of learning

Jennifer Burnett

Senior Principal, Thought Leadership & Strategy
Cornerstone OnDemand

1:20 pm - 2:05 pm Connecting the Dots Between Engagement and Performance

Kevin Campbell - Senior People Scientist, Culture Amp
The time for action-oriented engagement and performance management is now. But where do you start? Do you have the data you need to connect ongoing performance development conversations with employee engagement metrics? We all know there isn't a one-size-fits-all approach to these questions. But our customers have found a strong connection between well-managed performance systems, employee engagement, and business results.

In this roundtable we will discuss how performance management impacts employee engagement, share useful research findings, and discover action-planning approaches that ensure your organization thrives in the era of technology-enabled behavior change. Join Kevin G. Campbell, MA, ACC, Senior People Scientist with Culture Amp to connect the dots between your employee engagement and performance management approaches for better business results.

Kevin Campbell

Senior People Scientist
Culture Amp

1:20 pm - 2:05 pm Practical Applications of AI in Talent Acquisition

Lisa Roboff - Director, Client Solutions, Scout
When it comes to the competitive landscape of recruiting top talent, many emerging technologies are incorporating various artificial intelligence methods in hopes of improving success. Some are proving to be effective while others are falling short. At this roundtable, we’ll discuss the successful ways in which the use of AI is helping organizations achieve their talent acquisition goals.

Lisa Roboff

Director, Client Solutions

1:20 pm - 2:05 pm The Transformational Force of Digitalized Recruiting

Sean Munafo - Regional Vice President- Enterprise Sales, iCIMS
Digital transformation has arrived, and despite what many believe, its more than just technology. In fact, IDC estimates that over 50% of companies will have made significant investments to digitalize their businesses by 2020. Organizations everywhere are relying on these new digital strategies as a means to accelerate and revolutionize business operations. HR is no exception. New methodologies are being instituted that are changing the very fabric of how recruiters attract, captivate, and hire new talent - faster. In this roundtable we will discuss how digital transformation is impacting talent acquisition, potential key learnings, and change management philosophies to ensure new strategies and technologies are properly integrated within your business.

During this roundtable session, we’ll discuss:

• Integrating disruptive digital strategies that captivate and attract candidates
• New technical methodologies that automate hiring cycles, reduce time to fill, and help businesses scale
• Modern solutions such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
• Leveraging pre-built, centralized ecosystems to reduce complexity for recruiters and get the most of our your IT investments

Sean Munafo

Regional Vice President- Enterprise Sales

2:10 pm - 2:40 pm Business Meetings

2:40 pm - 3:10 pm Business Meetings

3:10 pm - 3:40 pm Business Meetings

3:40 pm - 3:55 pm Networking Break


3:55 pm - 4:40 pm Be Your Employee's Hero. Learn How HR can Play a Leading Role in Protecting Employee Data Security and Privacy by Adopting Disruptive Trustless Technology.
Dan Hanyzewski - Chief Ambassador, Certree
Pavan Kochar - CEO and Co-Founder, Certree
This session will expose the cavalier approach that data aggregators and outsourcers of employment verification take in reselling employee information and irreparably damaging your employees’ lives and negatively affecting your Company’s Brand. You will learn the hard facts surrounding;

• The risks that exist and can potentially impact all companies that participate in utilizing this type of service.
• The lack of institutional challenge and the potential monopoly that attributes to 75% of this activity.
• The highest penalized contributor to irresponsible practices as identified by the FTC complaints.
• Employee protection options that you can offer to your current and past employee base as an alternative.
• How this alternative provides an impenetrable opportunity to protect personal data.
• How this current cost center can become a value add, a corporate responsibility enhancement and a risk mitigation initiative.
• How you as a corporate leader can leverage disruptive technology and become an ambassador for employee data protection.

Our objective will be to show you how you can empower your employees to take control of their own privacy and address the irresponsible and scrupulous behavior of existing service providers. We will help you eliminate the possibility of your employee data being sold to third parties and help you become a champion for employee protection.

Dan Hanyzewski

Chief Ambassador


Pavan Kochar

CEO and Co-Founder


3:55 pm - 4:40 pm The Leadership Bermuda Triangle- Where Good Work Goes to Die!
Reid Tolley - Managing Partner, Harrison Assessments Talent Systems (HATS)
Tighten your seat belt for this hands-on, fast paced, and fun session that exposes the factors that most often lead to the perfect storm or “Leadership Bermuda Triangle.” Weak management undermines a high-performance culture and can “kill” good work. In this session, you will have the opportunity to explore your own leadership tendencies and examine the factors that interfere with high levels of performance, so you can take action to mitigate this perfect storm in your own organization.
Leave with:

• An understanding of how your own ecosystem of behavioral tendencies impact your managerial and leadership effectiveness.
• A framework of understanding how your behavioral tendencies impact your team and for leading
• An understanding of how avoiding the Leadership Bermuda Triangle in your organization can positively impact plateaued workforce engagement levels.

Reid Tolley

Managing Partner
Harrison Assessments Talent Systems (HATS)

4:40 pm - 5:10 pm Workforce Science: Impacting the Employee Experience Using Science & Data

Dr. Natalie Baumgartner - Chief Workforce Scientist, Achievers
A successful employee experience drives business performance more than any other factor and, yet, the business arena’s approach to impact this critical driver hasn’t meaningfully changed in well over a decade. A seed change is needed to revolutionize the way we manage the experience our people have at work. The time has come to move from focusing on static measurement and reporting to fluid, powerful management of the employee experience. 
This session will:

•Review outdated assumptions that have served as the cornerstone for management of the employee experience to date
•Introduce a workforce science model that uses robust academic research to inform a scientifically derived approach to impacting the extent to which employees thrive
•Share a powerful approach to translating workforce science into a high performance employee experience management strategy within your organization

Dr. Natalie Baumgartner

Chief Workforce Scientist

5:10 pm - 5:40 pm Bringing Stay-at-Home Caregivers Back into the Workforce- Walmart Labs' Audacious Experiment with Returnship

Julia Keintz - Director of Customer Analytics, Walmart e-Commerce and Walmart Labs
In Silicon Valley, the war for talent is real and ongoing. As part of its efforts to be both more inclusive and compete for talent wherever it can be found, Walmart Labs — the technology arm of the retail giant — launched an HR experiment to target tech professionals with five or more years experience who want to return the workforce after taking time off to care for children or elderly parents. It’s a group that is largely female and remains overlooked by talent acquisition teams. Dubbed “returnships,” these pilot positions are targeted toward talent based on their work history and career achievements while realizing these workforce returnees need structured pathways to come up to date on technology changes. If the pilot proves successful, the program could be rolled out globally, as well as to more conventional Walmart leadership roles outside of tech. Join Walmart Lab’s VP of Human Resources Bobbie Grafeld to learn more about:

•How Walmart partnered with a nonprofit to develop a talent pipeline in this overlooked sector
•Organizing the structure of a “returnship” to accelerate participants’ path back to the workforce
•Starting small while scaling the program to adapt to workforce needs and candidates’ family realities

Julia Keintz

Director of Customer Analytics
Walmart e-Commerce and Walmart Labs

5:40 pm - 6:30 pm Practitioner Roundtables

Earlier in the Exchange, we collected your insights and challenges using Thoughtexchange.  We identified the highest rated topic areas. During this session, you’ll have the opportunity to choose a topic and participate in a small group discussion. You will work in groups to develop an action plan for improvement.

6:30 pm - 6:35 pm Chairperson's Closing Remarks

Eric Gordon - Senior Vice President, AYCO

Eric Gordon

Senior Vice President

6:35 pm - 7:05 pm Network Reception and Dinner