The Exchange Format

The CHRO Exchange is not your average HR conference. Rather, it is a unique, invitation-only meeting driven by pre-scheduled one-on-one business meetings between pre-qualified solution providers and senior decision-makers. Thought provoking conference sessions, executive roundtables, and innovative networking opportunities round out the agenda, resulting in two-and-a-half days of focused, structured business development and information exchange.

The CHRO Exchange gives you exclusive access to:

  • Advanced industry thinkers
  • Valuable insights
  • Creative business solutions
  • Networking with your true peers
  • A personalized itinerary that you control

Our delegates are hand-picked for the unique advantage they bring to each Exchange, creating an unparalleled level of discussion and an ideal environment for idea generation.

Unlike most other HR Conferences, the CHRO Exchange offers the opportunity for delegates to develop their own custom itineraries. The ability to tailor your Exchange program ensures that every moment you spend out of office directly reflects your company’s needs and interests.

Every Exchange Offers:

  • Keynote Addresses (Plenary sessions) catered to a senior audience
  • One-to-One Meetings with Solution Providers
  • BrainWeave Discussions
  • Networking Opportunities

Out of numerous sessions scheduled over two-and-a-half days, Exchange delegates personally select the ones that they wish to attend. You spend time only with others who can help develop solutions to your most pressing business problems.

Countdown to an Exchange

As the date of the Exchange approaches, here is how the development of your customized Exchange program unfolds:

4 Weeks Prior to the Exchange: IQPC’s online meeting scheduler is made available to all Exchange delegates. As a participant, you are provided with an individual password that allows you to sign in to our secure scheduling website and select the conference sessions that you are interested in and the service providers who offer products that you want to know more about. This enables the generation of your unique program itinerary based on your personal business priorities.

At the Exchange: After arriving and checking into the resort you will be directed to the Exchange registration desk where you will receive your customized event package. This is when you truly begin reaping the rewards of your event preparation and program customization. Every session, networking function, and meeting is tied directly to your company’s priorities and requirements, and provides opportunities to discover made-to-measure business solutions.