November 17 - 19, 2019
Scottsdale Plaza, Paradise Valley, AZ
Dr. Tom Tonkin, Principal Consultant, Thought Leadership & Advisory Services at Cornerstone OnDemand

Dr. Tom Tonkin

Principal Consultant, Thought Leadership & Advisory Services
Cornerstone OnDemand

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Agenda Day Two: Monday, November 18, 2019

Monday, November 18th, 2019

4:00 PM C: Transformation: Separating Science From Myth

There is currently much talk about digital transformation – and for good reason. In an age of automation, companies must scrutinize manual processes and identify needless or outdated technology. This is clearly a worthwhile investment. But don’t confuse making changes with true transformation – which is ultimately not a matter of process or technology.
Organizations don’t transform; people do. This starts with reskilling to meet current and ever-shifting future demands. By now, you have likely heard that there is a critical deficit of soft skills in the workforce (in layman’s terms, hard skills help you deal with things while soft skills help you deal with people). As McDonald’s Chief People Officer Melissa Kersey told ABC News: “Research conducted by Harvard University, the Carnegie Foundation and Stanford Research Center have all concluded that 85 percent of job success comes from having well-developed soft and people skills and only 15 percent of job success comes from technical skills and knowledge.”
And yet we often focus on the latter category when we talk about organizations evolving and reinventing themselves. Could it be that we’ve been looking at transformation through the wrong lens? 
In this session, Dr. Tom Tonkin, Senior Principal Consultant, Thought Leadership and Advisory Services for Cornerstone OnDemand, addresses the top myths of transformation and sets the stage for a series of discussions around transitions in 2020 and beyond:

Dr. Tonkin  will discuss:
1.The definition of transformation through the years.
2.There are only two types of change
3.The reality that people must transform before an organization can transform
4.The key to helping people transform

Success stories, lessons learned and others available resources will be shared to get you down the right path.