Matthew Gosney

Vice-President, Organizational Development & Learning Services UCHealth

Matt is an executive leader whose primary focus is in partnering with leaders in articulating an organizationallyaligned talent strategy. As part of that work he has experience in developing leadership development, onboarding, employee development, employee engagement, internal brand, DE&I, and coaching programs designed to know, grow, and move talent throughout the organization. His programs are data-driven, rooted in best practice, reflective of organizational culture, and innovative in design and implementation.Matt also strives to embody the notion of a scholar-practitioner. As an active and published author, he writes on topics such as bridging the scholar-practitioner gap in Human Resource Development, as well as the history and philosophical underpinnings of his discipline.

Agenda Day Two: Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Tuesday, November 10th, 2020

9:20 AM Evolving Engagement: From Administrative Process to Meaningful Conversation

Five years ago, UCHealth found itself in the frustrating position of many organizations - committed to an employee engagement process that was administratively burdensome and ineffectual at driving employee engagement. This session will provide an overview of their journey to a statistically more effective engagement model, as well as how they’ve leaned into and adapted that model in a post-COVID environment. 

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