See what Sponsors and Delegates are Saying About the Exchange:

“A real differentiator for the Exchange is being able to have the right level of contacts right there with you for three days. So, it’s been amazing that every person we've met with has been a decision maker and has been at the right level of HR for us.”

- CEO, Leadership Advisory Group | Past Sponsor

“Participating in this Exchange gave me a broader understanding of all of the things Chief Human Resources Officers are dealing with and are confronted with in their roles.”

- President & CEO, WOMEN Unlimited, Inc. | Past Sponsor

“For me, what I liked most about this conference is the [opportunity] to sit with C-level individuals from these companies, [as well as] to hear from them their challenges. I think that's really important. When getting to have those conversations in the one-on-one meetings or networking with them during a break, you get to know them at a level that you don't get to know them when you are doing business or you are calling them to try to solve a problem. It's more personal here and I think that's a really important point.”

- VP of Global Sales, TMF Group | Past Sponsor

“We have a very large firm, we do a lot of business with a lot of people, so it's unique to come to a place like this where we can meet people we don't know at the highest level, but also some existing clients who just didn't know some other stuff that we did and furthering some of those relationships. [It’s] really great from a brand presence perspective.”

- Partner, Aon Hewitt | Past Sponsor

“Three words that describe the Chief Human Resources Officer Exchange would be dialogue, discovery, and openness. The cross talk, the dialogue, the openness has been really nice.”

- Partner, Aon Hewitt | Past Sponsor