21 - 23 July, 2019
The Ritz Carlton Toronto, Toronto,, ON

Dessalen Wood

VP Talent Development

11:00 AM On-Boarding New Leaders: A Developmental Approach

Looking to get your new leaders off to a fast start? Want to eliminate some of the drama that often accompanies new leadership assignments? Join Dessalen Wood, VP of Talent Development at Cineplex Entertainment as she shares a unique development-based approach to on-boarding mid-to-senior level leaders. Participants will learn:

•Why current on-boarding programs—especially those for mid-to-senior level leaders—often fail and miss the mark, creating unwanted drama and loss of productivity
•How to design an on-boarding program that takes advantage of the skills present in intact work teams and allows new leaders to hit the ground running
•How to coach new leaders joining the company for the first time as well as seated leaders taking on new assignments with new teams

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn first-hand from the practical, productive, and very successful on-boarding program Wood has designed for her organization. You’re sure to walk away with insight and strategies you can use to improve your own on-boarding process.

11:05 AM Closing Q&A Panel — Join our Keynote Speakers from Day 1, 2 and 3 as they take questions from the audience on their presentation topic.

Wesley Connor, Director, People Development – Randstad Canada
Avoiding the “One-Hit Wonder” - Learning Initiatives That Really Stick

Helen Peng, AVP, Global Talent Development – Sunlife Financial
Immersive Experiential Learning with VR and Gamification – A Ground-Breaking Initiative

Dessalen Wood, VP of Talent Development – Cineplex Entertainment
On-Boarding New Leaders: A Developmental Approach

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Dessalen.

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