Q&As with our Industry Experts

Delta Airlines Digital Transformation Journey

Ahead of the last edition of the Chief Learning Officer Exchange in August, we sat down with Delta Air Lines' Director of Learning, Brandon Carson, to discuss the organization's journey towards digital transformation, his role and experience, and where he sees learning & development heading in the near future. 


How Mars is Applying Design Thinking to L&D in a Digitally Savvy Workforce

In this exclusive interview, we sat down with the Rachel Horwitz, Global L&D Director at Mars, Inc. to find out how her team is applying design thinking to L&D in a digitally savvy workforce. Get an inside look into the challenges her team faced, how they overcame (and embraced) change, and her thoughts on the future on L&D.


Citi's Creative Learning Solution for Technology Conversion

In preparation for her session at the 3rd CLO Exchange Canada, we had the opportunity to sit down with Stephanie MacNeil, the VP of Learning Design & Development at Citi Canada

In this exclusive Q&A, Stephanie gets real about the challenges of digital disruption in HR, how she overcame them, and what others can do to adapt and thrive in the constantly evolving future workforce. 

Hershey's Take On Multimodal Learning: What's the Right Mix for Your Training Initiative?

In preparation for the 2018 CLO Exchange, we had a chance to ask Mary Farrell, Director of Learning and Development at Hershey's, about her Multimodal learning strategy and find out where she sees L&D headed in the near future. 

eBay's 'Leader as a Coach' Journey

In preparation for the 15th CLO Exchange, we got a chance to ask Judy Dutton a few questions about her L&D expertise and what attendees will learn from her session.