August 18 - 20, 2019
Chicago, IL

David Hare

Director, Organizational Development
GE Appliances

8:05 AM Panel: Modern Learning Trends: Passing Fads or Enduring Value?

Who exactly is the modern learner and what are these people’s needs and desires as it pertains to learning in this day and age? What are the modern trends in learning? Of these, what trends do you think will be enduring and what is fad? During this panel, we will discuss and debate the following:
·         A lot has been written about a more humanistic approach to learning in the workplace. How can learning support people being better humans? (e.g., How does learning create more human humans?)
·         One of learnings value propositions is the opportunity for people to sharpen their skill sets and stay ahead of the technological advances. How are you leveraging learning to prepare your people for digital transformation?
·         Similar to preparing for digital transformation, how are you teaching people to leverage data in new and different ways, to learn new behaviors, unlearn old behaviors, and teach them to use information that is now available to them?
·         What are the greatest obstacles you have faced or currently face in bringing learning to the modern learner?

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining David.

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