March 24 - 26, 2019
Loews Portofino Hotel, Orlando, FL

Day Two: Monday, March 25, 2019

7:30 am - 8:00 am Networking Breakfast

J. Brian Coleman, Vice President of Total Rewards and HR Shared Services at Dawn Foods

J. Brian Coleman

Vice President of Total Rewards and HR Shared Services
Dawn Foods

Compensation and benefits that are appealing and essential to your domestic employees may be meaningless to your international staff.  With global workforces becoming more prevalent, your total rewards offerings should factor in socio-economics and cultural preferences.  This panel will explore how by tailoring your offerings, you will elevate your ability to retain highly valuable and diverse global employees.
Paul Gregory, Vice President, Total Rewards and Global HR Field Operations at Mitel

Paul Gregory

Vice President, Total Rewards and Global HR Field Operations

Marjorie Williamson, Senior Vice President, Global Total Rewards & HR Operations at RTI International

Marjorie Williamson

Senior Vice President, Global Total Rewards & HR Operations
RTI International

Joseph DeRoma, Vice President, Total Rewards and Workforce Planning at Inova Health System

Joseph DeRoma

Vice President, Total Rewards and Workforce Planning
Inova Health System

8:50 am - 9:30 am How We Managed Costs with Less Benefits Featuring More Robust Offerings

While some may contend that less is more, that can be a tough sell in a talent market that expects more variety and a wider range of employment compensation and benefits.  However, despite these increasing demands and expectations, Total Rewards executives must work within their budgetary limits and organizational constraints, while remaining attractive to potential candidates and current employees.  This case study will examine how an organization was able to: 

•Create the most appealing packages and layered benefits while working within stringent budgets, timeframes, and management cultures
•Creatively maximize a streamlined compensation and benefits package that appealed to the mass majority of its employees
•Evaluate the competition and incorporate novel benefits to build optimal and unique total rewards for their talent acquisition needs

J. Brian Coleman, Vice President of Total Rewards and HR Shared Services at Dawn Foods

J. Brian Coleman

Vice President of Total Rewards and HR Shared Services
Dawn Foods

9:30 am - 9:50 am Networking Break

9:50 am - 10:20 am Goodbye Empty Promises & Outdated Reward Programs: Using Modern Approaches & Analytics To Turbocharge Rewards & Recognition

Do you know the goals of your rewards program and have they shifted since you first adopted them? How is your workforce responding to recognition? What process do you need to improve? As technology improves and the capabilities of our programs mature, program design must evolve as well. During this panel discussion attendees will learn how to: 

•Reinvent rewards and recognition for increased agility
•Manage intrinsic and extrinsic motivation 
•Make better use of your total rewards data to build a strategy that is employee-centric and cost effective 
•Utilize data to understand how engaged your company is with your recognition program 
•Utilize technology to make your programs trackable and agile

Steve Sonnenberg, SEO/Founder at Awardco

Steve Sonnenberg


10:25 am - 10:55 am Business Meetings

10:55 am - 11:25 am Business Meetings

11:25 am - 11:55 am Business Meetings

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Networking Lunch

1:05 pm - 2:05 pm Practitioner Roundtables

Earlier in the Exchange, we collected your insights and challenges using Thoughtexchange. We identified the highest rated topic areas. During this session, you’ll have the opportunity to choose a topic and participate in a small group discussion. You will work in groups to develop an action plan for

4:05 pm - 4:50 pm Transitioning from Traditional Employee Assessments to a Less Formal, Interactive Format Increased Engagement and Productivity

The incoming employee segment’s unique communication style and career preferences simply cannot be ignored if you wish to attract and retain their talent.  Demonstrating a career plan, providing instant and frequent performance feedback, and conducting informal evaluations are viewed by this generation as attractive total rewards elements.  We will examine how one organization successfully moved beyond formal annual employee evaluations to a less formal approach.  By conducting quarterly career planning and impromptu feedback sessions they ultimately improved manager-employee communication, employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention.
Lisa-Anne Ferris Ph. D., Director of Client Services, Enterprise Learning Solutions at Learning House

Lisa-Anne Ferris Ph. D.

Director of Client Services, Enterprise Learning Solutions
Learning House

2:50 pm - 3:10 pm Business Meeting

3:10 pm - 3:40 pm Business Meeting

3:40 pm - 4:10 pm Business Meeting

4:10 pm - 4:30 pm Networking Break

4:30 pm - 5:10 pm HR’s Role in Retirement Planning: Providing Transition Support and Financial Education, Earlier

With the extensive wave of retiring baby boomers and pensions nearly extinct, HR and Total Rewards professionals are beginning to question whether the 401K is an adequate benefit to support post-career preparedness.  Employees facing retirement are often uncertain about the strength of their financial plan, which is compounded by the significant impending life-style change they are facing. However, these concerns are rarely addressed by companies.  This session will address:

•What responsibility Human Resources staff should have in ensuring both the financial and emotional preparedness of retiring employees?
•Beyond retirement planning websites: Innovative retirement preparedness to establish the adequacy of their financial resources
•Is it ever too early to discuss the transition?  Introducing social and financial retirement education earlier in an employee’s tenure
•Offering alumni benefits programs for early retirees who do not yet qualify for Medicare

Christopher Haak CCP, GRP, Director – Global Compensation & Retirement Benefits at Holman Enterprises

Christopher Haak CCP, GRP

Director – Global Compensation & Retirement Benefits
Holman Enterprises

5:15 pm - 5:45 pm Cocktails

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