Day 1

11:00 am - 11:30 am EST How to Manage a Career and Live the Life You Deserve Doing Work You Love

Eric Torigian - VP & Assistant General Manager of Global HR, Akebono Brake Corporation

Talent development often relies on self development. In order to help people build the career pathways and identify the journey that will be most fulfilling for them, HR and L&D professionals alike must understand the principles of self development which will motivate people to progress on a learning journey. 

In this session, CHRO Eric Torigian will discuss how to analyze career gaps to define a destination, make a plan to get there and lead people toward positions that suit both their passions and their skillsets. 

Key takeaways: 

  • Understand how self development fuels talent development. 
  • Build skill and career gap analysis to help people identify their path forward.
  • Help people make the most of their time by developing learning journeys toward positions that suit them best.

Eric Torigian

VP & Assistant General Manager of Global HR
Akebono Brake Corporation

11:30 am - 12:00 pm EST Learning Rebooted: Lessons Learned from Being “Forced” into e-Learning

Michelle Strasburger - Co-Founder and Chief Consultant, HR Rebooted

The training practices at Emerson Ecologics were working well. Since there were no major issues with the way training was delivered, there were no immediate plans to change the training techniques. And then COVID-19 hit. Seemingly overnight, Emerson Ecologics was forced to rethink their training strategy, especially for the Customer Service Team. Training went from being done in-person, in just two locations, to all all-remote in only two weeks.

For the first time in the company’s history, Customer Service Reps were hired from across the country and needed to be onboarded outside of the physical classroom. This session will cover the transition that was made, the tools that were used, and the “lessons learned” from that experience. We will also review some things to consider when using e-learning as a platform for onboarding. 


Michelle Strasburger

Co-Founder and Chief Consultant
HR Rebooted

12:00 pm - 12:30 pm EST Make Learning Work

Dr. Ian Stewart - Executive Director of Learning, Kaplan

Our organizations are beginning to emerge into a very different commercial landscape. Our people have had their pay cut, watched colleagues be exited or furloughed, made to work remotely in a hurried and often makeshift style.

And so the corporate learning functions must adapt and change to step up to the new needs and expectations of the enterprise, the business units and the individual employees.

Learning will always be about building and applying new skills and behaviors but NOW learning needs to be even more agile, customized and relevant.


Dr. Ian Stewart

Executive Director of Learning

12:30 pm - 1:00 pm EST Designing a Learning Experience for the Distributed Workforce

Jennifer Young Parker - Director of Learning and Development, Lennar Corporation

COVID-19 upended a lot of well-intentioned plans for the L&D team and forced change at a rapid rate. What were traditionally in-person trainings have had to go online and L&D teams have taken on a heightened importance within the organization.

The amount of uncertainty in the global economy has created a need for more flexible employees who can help the organization in a variety of ways, and the job market has created employees who are ready to learn like never before. Now, with budgets and commitments to L&D increasing, it’s up to learning leaders to help strategize and implement learning cultures and systems meets the needs of the distributed workforce.

Key takeaways include:

  • Understand learning experience design and the specific needs of remote workers
  • Create new channels for learning and development to replace in person trainings
  • Develop an ecosystem of tools that increase access and improve the learning experience.

Jennifer Young Parker

Director of Learning and Development
Lennar Corporation

1:00 pm - 1:30 pm EST Metrics That Move Decisions: Business Intelligence for Training Organizations

John Peebles - CEO, Administrate
Merav Yuravlivker - CEO and Co-Founder, Data Society

Talent Development is undergoing an evolution similar to that experienced by other key business disciplines like Marketing, Finance, and Operations: we’re becoming more data-driven. Rising to this challenge of not only collecting and analyzing the right data, but also presenting it to the organization in ways that influence consequential business decisions, is one of the core challenges faced by every enterprise learning leader today. Join John Peebles, CEO of Administrate, as we discuss how to evolve your data architecture — and implement a new data perspective, beginning where you are — with specific consideration of the training function in mind. This isn’t more theory; this is the business intelligence approach applied for training leaders who are ready to reveal their ROI in the board room.


John Peebles



Merav Yuravlivker

CEO and Co-Founder
Data Society

1:30 pm - 2:00 pm EST Getting Diversity and Inclusion Right in a Remote World

Dessalen Wood - Chief People Officer, Thoughtexchange

In the past, organizational policy held that your personal life should stay where it belongs—at the door when you arrive. But the impact of COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter movement has accelerated a needed change in this outdated work paradigm.

The question we should be asking in our organizations is why D&I is still, after all this time, is not linked to organizational survival in the hearts and minds of leaders? Through a mix learning and development strategies and innovative technology, HR leaders can help promote diversity and inclusion discussion and increase the flow of ideas for how to create equity for diverse communities in the workplace.

Join us as we explore this new era of work, we have the chance to open our virtual doors to a new work paradigm, one that embraces the benefits of diversity while harnessing the collective power of all our thinking with inclusive, collaboration technology.

Key Takeaways:

  • Where DE&I fits into addressing a global pandemic
  • Strategies for DE&I in the virtual workplace, and
  • How to have difficult conversations about DE&I  


Dessalen Wood

Chief People Officer

2:00 pm - 2:30 pm EST Moving Your Organization from Traditional Training Roles to a Learning Consultant Model

Molly Rupprath - Director of Learning and Development, Zillow Group

Do you often find that your Trainers are struggling to find innovative solutions to meet your business partner’s needs? Do you struggle with finding the right L&D talent to design and curate sustainable and scalable solutions to meet today’s virtual audience? Do your Trainers and Instructional Designers struggle with burnout, or low engagement from doing the same type of work? The old school model of “you’re just a Trainer” and “you’re just an Instructional Designer” no longer fits the needs, or budgets of most L&D organizations. With the need for L&D staff to be more well-rounded, skilled in learning technology, and agile to support business needs, L&D Leaders can no longer afford to have such siloed roles. 

Organizations need more innovative learning interventions and many L&D teams are still in the “order-taker” mindset. During this session, Zillow’s Molly Rupprath will share some stories and valuable lessons learned around L&D staffing models and transitioning green L&D teams to more experienced, knowledgeable Learning Consultant teams. These best practices will help you look at different ways to re-organize and re-engage your L&D staff to take on more consultative approach to supporting the organization.

Key Takeaways:

  • Assess if a learning consultant model is right for your team
  • Learn how to increase L&D team engagement, innovation, and effectiveness by upskilling and transitioning to a Learning Consultant model
  • Important considerations and implications around transitioning your team.

Molly Rupprath

Director of Learning and Development
Zillow Group