Pre-Conference Workshops

9:00 am - 3:30 pm DESIGN THINKING UNIVERSITY:Transforming Your Organization with Design Thinking

Pete Maher - Co-founder, LUMA Institute
Trisha Carter - Senior Program Director, LUMA Institute
Unlock the potential of Design Thinking (aka Human-Centered Design) and learn how you can bring it to your organization.  Learn how to help your workforce leverage Design Thinking in everyday work to be more innovative, deliver meaningful impact for the audiences you serve, and radically improve the employee experience.  This highly interactive session will introduce the discipline of Design Thinking, inspire you to bring it into your organization, and help you envision how you might use it to transform your organization.
During this session, the team from LUMA Institute will help you:

•  Gain a clear understanding of what Design Thinking is
•  Understand why organizations around the globe are seeing it as an imperative
•  Envision how it can empower you and your teams to be more innovative in your daily work

As part of this session, you will have an opportunity to experience the LUMA System — lauded by Harvard Business Review as a potent “Taxonomy of Innovation” — in action.

All session attendees will receive a copy of “Innovating for People,” LUMA’s highly rated Handbook of Human-Centered Design methods, and will walk away with concrete ideas for taking Design Thinking back to their own workplace.

Pete Maher

LUMA Institute


Trisha Carter

Senior Program Director
LUMA Institute

Design Thinking: Take a deep dive into the theory and practice it in person 
Employee Journey Mapping has proven to behelpful to better understand the specific employeejourneys that need to be met and how they can be  aligned with company objectives. In this workshopyou can go one step further with ExperienceRoadmapping, which can be applied from Employee
Experience to Leadership Development.

Jenine Lurie

Service Design and UX Strategy
Humans in Service Design

You had your Design Thinking Training, now what?
A lot of professionals are familiar with Design Thinking, but what is stopping them from implementing it is a lack of clarity about what practices to apply. How do you connect problem finding with Design Thinking to problem solving? How do you take the best ideas and apply them to the real problem?
This workshop will teach you how to apply the Agile methodology to Design Thinking's findings to create real-life solutions.  Design Thinking and Agile emphasize people over processes and encourage teamwork.

Rupalli Thacker

GM, Learning Products and Services-ES Tech