Design Thinking Lab

Struggling to understand how Design Thinking can help you resolve the challenges you are facing? Perhaps you need help on how to apply Design Thinking to your project? You have a unique opportunity to engage in a two-hour one-to-one consulting session with a Design Thinking practitioner who will help you turn your challenges into opportunities and actual business results

DAY ONE, DECEMBER 5TH (Intermediate/Advance)

10:00 am - 5:30 pm
Nenuca Syquia - Organization Designer, Co-Founder, Better Organizations x Design (BOxD)
Specializing in the design of organizations and teams, BOxD partners with clients to create the structures, processes, metrics, practices, and experiences that shape people's behaviors. It is those behaviors, done at scale, that bring an organizational mission, vision, and strategy to life. They co-create futures right alongside their clients. To create meaningful change, BOxD threads together human-centered design, a systems-thinking approach to problem solving, and principles of inclusion.

Nenuca Syquia

Organization Designer, Co-Founder
Better Organizations x Design (BOxD)


10:00 am - 5:30 pm
Catherine Cooper - Design Thinking Workshop Leader, EmpathyWise®
Catherine Cooper, MBA, is the Founder of EmpathyWise® a design thinking advisory. She has enjoyed over 30 years working as a consultant to corporations integrating data into their decision-making by guiding tech and non-tech clients to better understand how their employees or customers truly make choices.  In recent years, Catherine has been sharing her extensive experience through talks and workshops at all levels. Her goal is to highlight the importance of empathy and the use of design thinking and to promote their inclusion in work and training curriculum.


Catherine Cooper

Design Thinking Workshop Leader