What is Design Thinking for L&D?

What is Design Thinking for L&D?

Design Thinking is a methodology that strives to put human needs at the center of decision making.The process begins with understanding the needs of the people you are designing for by using qualitative data, radical collaboration (brainstorming with customers), and, last but not least, rigorous testing and refining of prototypes. As a result, L&D leaders can develop and design exceptional, customer-driven processes, services and solutions.

Design Thinking has the potential to empower even the most traditional thinker to develop new, innovative solutions to the problem at hand. To gain a fundamental understanding of what design thinking for L&D is and how it can take your organization to the next level of L&D excellence, download this interactive presentation that will walk you through:

  • The five stages of design thinking for L&D
  • How design thinking adds value to L&D
  • Examples of real-world companies applying design thinking to learning & development strategy

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