6 Trends Linking HR & Design Thinking

6 Trends Linking HR & Design Thinking

According to Richard Farson PhD, psychologist, educator and author of The Power of Design, asserts "Design, the creation of form, has the power to transform culture, ignite education, foster community, and even broker peace. Design achieves its power because it can create situations, and a situation is more determining of what people will actually do than is personality, character, habit, genetics, unconscious motives or any other aspect of our individual makeup."

When done successfully, human centered design enhances the user experiences at every touch point and fuels the creation of products and services that deeply resonate with customers. HR has taken notice. So why not apply design thinking to improve the employee experience with the same care given to delight customers?

For example, Cisco hosted a non-tech hackathon to explore a wide range of HR issues with its employees and it resulted in 105 new solutions for its global workforce of 71,000 people to improve employee experiences in recruiting, onboarding, and learning and development.

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