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Aug 17-19 2020

READ: Design Thinking for HR Insights & Guidance

Applying Design Thinking to HR

Applying Design Thinking to HR

When applied properly, design thinking can help human resources and employee experience leaders:

  • Reduce the risk associated with launching new HR services
  • Accelerate continuous improvement efforts
  • Enable innovation and agility
  • Help organizations navigate through complexity
  • Harness the voice of the customer 
  • Create memorable user experiences and increase customer satisfaction 
  • Identify and resolve performance gaps
  • Integrate numerous and diverse perspectives into the design process
  • And much, much more!

In this ebook, we provide:

  • an overview of what design thinking is and how it can be applied to HR processes
  • insights from 4 HR and employee experience leaders on how to develop human-centric HR processes
  • a design thinking checklist to help you get started on your own journey

What is Design Thinking for HR?

What is Design Thinking for HR?

Design Thinking is a systematic, iterative and human-centered approach to developing customer-aligned services, products and solutions. From enhancing the end-to-end employee experience to transforming back-office HR processes to increasing the effectiveness of L&D programs, design thinking can provide HR leaders with an actionable framework for solving complex challenges. With design thinking, you too can develop new, innovative HR services that resonate with employees and boost the ROI of HR.

Though still in its infancy, leading-edge companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, GE, Allstate and more are already using design thinking to more effectively collaborate with, understand and build services for their internal customers. As a result, they've ushered in a new era of lean, agile and digitized human resources without having to invest in costly HR systems or consultants. For example, NBCUniversal used DT to develop a next-generation leadership development program while Avis leveraged design thinking to build a new, more data-driven and development-focused performance management system. These are just 2 of the numerous case studies that will be shared at the 2019 Design Thinking for HR conference.

In this interactive presentation, we demystify the design thinking for HR process. We do this by first traveling through the 5 stages of implementation: empathize, define, ideate, prototype & testing. Afterward, we list out key examples of how HR teams can use design thinking to more effectively collaborate with customers and architect better, more cost-effective employee experiences. Though we can’t promise this interactive presentation will lessen your FOMO in regards to attending the upcoming Design Thinking for HR summit, it will introduce you to the fundamentals of design thinking and shed light on how you to can unleash the power of human-centered design.

Fill out the form on the right to learn more about the 5 basic tenements of design thinking and jumpstart the next phase of your HR transformation journey.  

3 Design Thinking Approaches for Transforming HR

3 Design Thinking Approaches for Transforming HR

Design thinking can be a powerful tool for re-engineering human resources processes, strategies and technologies. In this article, 3 design thinking and HR visionaries describe how they've applied design thinking principles to their biggest HR challenges. Download to learn more about real world approaches to:

  • Planning and executing your design thinking for HR vision
  • Overcoming resistance to change and communicating the value of customer-focused HR
  • How to engage your "customers" early on, build empathy for them and work with them to co-create new HR services 
  • Translating design thinking concepts into HR strategy

This piece includes perspectives and expert advice from 3 of our 2019 speakers:

  • Melissa Hui, Design for People & Culture, Context Leap 
  • Krystal Webber, Global Design & Strategy Leader, IBM Blockchain Services
  • Cornelia Kunert Employee Experience & Engagement Expert Pro Insurance Solutions