Creating Innovative Solutions for Modern HR

Aug 17-19 2020

Christopher Koch

Director of Talent Development NBCUniversal

Christopher Koch is a Director of Talent Development at NBCUniversal, where he’s been for the past four years.   In his time at NBCUnviersal, Christopher has developed new learning experiences focused on design, technology and creativity.  He’s also provided his knowledge and consultation for design projects throughout the company to help with internal team dynamics, product innovation and marketing.  Before coming to NBCUniversal Christopher worked at the United Nations World Food Programme and at Google both in their Talent development functions, again focusing on design and innovation.  

Main Conference Day 2

Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

11:30 AM Applying Design Thinking at NBCUniversal to Create a New Leadership Program

NBCUniversal has created a specific 15-week human centered design program for
leaders that helps define the culture and build employee engagement.
·· Learn about the benefits of using Design Thinking to better understand our
talent’s needs and our company’s culture
·· Find out how you can improve employee engagement by teaching your
managers to ‘walk in the employee’s shoes’
·· Explore how prototyping helps you learn how to consider change management
efforts when innovating the employee experience

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