Lisa Morris

Human-Centered Employee Experience Design & Service Design | Organizational Anthropology & Innovation XPLOR

Perpetually curious about the inner workings of things and forever intrigued by the prospect of designing a better way, Lisa has devoted her professional life to exploring and serving the humans working in and with prominent global brands and organizations.

An inveterate problem solver, equal measures right-brained and left-brained, Lisa is an organizational anthropologist, strategist and experience designer steeped in human-centered principles and perspectives. Lisa advises and guides clients and multidisciplinary teams in exploring human needs and behavior in organizational ecosystems and in intentionally designing engaging and emotive experiences involving systems of services, processes, products, artifacts, and environments.

Lisa recently founded XPLOR, a boutique firm dedicated to the relentless pursuit of bettering the human experience of work and of workplaces through design and innovation.

Prior to XPLOR, Lisa was a Sr. Director at Sparks Grove, an experience design firm where she led the Global Employee Experience Design & Service Design Practice. Ahead of time with Sparks Grove, Lisa spent two years leading teams through employee research and solution development and over 18 years at Accenture in consulting and corporate HR leading teams and initiatives spanning strategy, innovation, culture and organizational transformation, organization design, engagement, and employer brand strategy.

She earned a BS in Mass Communications and an MA in Organizational Behavior & Communication from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. She also holds an Advanced Certificate in Design Thinking and Service Design.

Main Conference Day 1

Tuesday, August 20th, 2019

11:00 AM SPRINT 2:Use Design Thinking to Journey Map the Employee Experience

Employee Experience Journey Mapping
(Service Design Thinking) can help HR
better understand the specific employee
journeys that need to be met and how they
can be aligned with company objectives. It
is an effective way to reduce staff turnover
in their first six months and retain talent in
the long-term.
·· Learn how to deliver both defined
business objectives and an empathetic
employee experience
·· Understand how Employee Journey
Maps can help redesign projects for
employee interaction tools and help to
create the desired outcome for both
employees and the company
·· Learn through observation and feedback
how we can better understand what
employees want and need in order to
deliver it

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