7 Ways The Workforce Will Change And What HR Can Do About It

Across all industries, HR is one of the departments most affected by digitalisation. As well as its own department, it is being pushed to take on a larger role in helping organisations be ready for the digital age.

But what are the challenges of the future of work? How will the workforce change and how can HR help? This article explores 7 ways the workforce will change and what HR can do about it.

What drives Asia-Pacific workers?

Working for a company that supports work-life balance, having managers who acknowledge good work and getting the right training to work effectively are the three top reasons for employee engagement, we discovered in the Qualtrics Employee Pulse Study.

HR transformation journey. First things first: Engage your team

Engagement as a leader of HR Transformation at any level – be it global, regional, country or site, one of the first steps for success is to inform and truly engage your own HR team.