Today, the best companies stay competitive by making it a priority to engage with their employees to attract and retain top talent. Employee Experience is the next frontier in business innovation and companies that can create the best, most attractive workplace culture will garner the top talent and out-perform their competition. This trend towards an increased focus on the people agenda will continue.

Employee Experience Asia 2019 will gather the greatest minds of HR leaders and innovators from top MNCs in Asia across industries to share what successful companies do differently in Employee Experience which ultimately drives organisational success and productivity.

Download our event guide and find out the exciting case studies that may help to give you new ideas or solutions to tackle your problem today!

Top five digital tools to deliver a successful employee experience strategy

As our world becomes more global, more mobile and more digitised, it is crucial for businesses to meet the growing expectations of their employees. Employees expect easy access to the resources they require and the ability to collaborate smoothly with colleagues. They want to be able to get answers and information quickly and feel like they are being listened to. There are a number of technological improvements that can help with these needs and drive enhanced employee experience. Here we explore five of them.

Exclusive Insights from LinkedIn: The Secret to getting Multi-Generational Employee Experience Right

Employee Experience (EX) is not only a critical component for creating a happy, engaging and productive work environment, it’s also a key differentiator for companies vying to attract the top talent in their industry.

We spoke with Frank Koo, Head of Asia at LinkedIn, responsible for LinkedIn’s Talent and Learning business, to get his insight and perspective on the innate value of Employee Experience and specific challenges associated with making it works for a multi-generational workforce.

Why Improved Employee Experience Means Greater ROI

The concept of employee experience is gaining mainstream momentum across industries. In the past five years, Google searches for the term “employee experience” have increased 130%. Why are businesses diving into employee experience today? Download this ebook to find out more.

HR Innovation Week 2019 - Event Guide

Come join us at the HR Innovation Week 2019 as we unveil two exciting co-located conferences – HR Transformation Asia and Employee Experience Asia. Gathering the greatest minds in HR, these conferences promise to deliver some of the most insightful and valuable sessions for industry practitioners across Asia.

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HR Global Tech Report 2019

Our media partner - the HR Exchange Network, saw its 2018 technology survey point towards solutions that can be used to further the goals of companies’ talent management strategies. The resulting report on leading technology strategies shows HR professionals are using more technology than ever before to recruit candidates, and more emphasis is being put on developing talent and teams to meet business goals.

This report is an indispensible guide for HR leaders that want to stay ahead. Download it now.

A Pocket Guide to Employee Wellness

This guide will help you to meet the health and wellbeing needs of your organisation and outline how you can leverage physical and digital wellbeing assets to produce tangible results for your business. Download to find out more today.

The Practical Guide to Demonstrating ROI through Employee Experience

This eBook will serve as a guide for you to understand how to sell the value of employee experience strategies to senior executives, find the right tools and metrics to measure your progress, and communicate successes to the wider business. Whether you are just starting out in your employee experience journey, or have an established employee experience scheme, we hope this guide will be useful for you.

With Great Employee Experience Comes Great Company Branding

Employee experience drives company culture. It is vital to engage employees; they should be knowledgeable, empowered, and motivated to act as brand advocates. In a recent talent trends quarterly 90% of respondents believed that employer brand is extremely or very important in attracting talent.

In this article we explore how to create a great employer experience, how that can help define your brand and reputation and how you can leverage new age technologies like AI to improve it.

Take the lead from brands such as Google and Starbucks and invest the same time in your employees as you do your customers. Because people are what make an organisation and how they view it will determine your reputation.

HR Tech Global Report 2018

A quote from J.R.R. Tolkien sums up the journey Human Resources professionals and their companies have taken in an attempt to transition from an analog world to a digital one. To further explain the analogy, the “Road” is technology. It continues to go, taking turns and venturing over hills no one expected. As companies invest in more technology, one of their goals: to stay ahead of competition and beckon them to keep up.