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How to Hire & Retain the Right Talent in 2018

How to Hire & Retain the Right Talent in 2018

Our co-located event, HR Metrics & Analytics, created a well-rounded report on the current state of people analytics and data privacy.

In Part 1, 150+ HR leaders were surveyed across a wide range of industries to gain an understanding of the current state of people analytics. Respondents were asked to benchmark their analytics maturity level, specify how they manage employee records and data to HR activities, and describe the largest impact people analytics has had on their business. HR leaders were also asked to share current priorities and obstacles preventing the successful implementation of analytics.

In Part 2, an anonymous survey of 100+ full-time employees was conducted to gather their thoughts on data collection in the workplace. Employers are increasingly gathering data on employees–from workplace behavior to social media use and other personal information—to produce insights that benefit the business. The findings in part 2 explore employee perceptions of workplace privacy and protection in 2018. 

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