EX Impact 2020

February 26 - 28, 2020 | Orlando, Florida

Why Attend Employee Experience Impact?

Employee 3.0: People and Communities- Creating Unique Employee Experiences for Your Organization

The 5th Ex Impact Summit will focus on providing you practical takeaways to overcome upcoming and far reaching changes within today’s workforce and employee engagement and how you can create an organic, people-centric culture to empower your organization.
With the theme of Employee 3.0: People and Communities, debate the latest trends on communication and employee branding through social media; how to build your People Team and maximize employee value; providing greater autonomy to employees in today’s gig economy; understanding the nexus between employee wellbeing and its direct impact to your organization’s revenue, and of course, mastering the Human-Machine Partnership.

Main Themes Include:


Best practice strategies on people enablement and moving towards how to experience employee engagement


Learning how to utilize data to create an evidence-based employee experience


Understanding the importance of human-centered design for building an engaging culture


HR Practices on how to create a culture of diversity and inclusion


Recognizing the importance of mental health at the workplace and how this affects employee engagement

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6 Secrets for Employee Engagement

Better employee engagement is the key to a company's success. Learn more about direct steps to take to achieve employee engagement

Featured Speakers Included

Steve Lowisz

Steve Lowisz

Global Keynote Speaker


Julianne Tillmann

Julianne Tillmann

Director of Research

Limeade Institute

Lindsay Lagreid

Lindsay Lagreid

Solution Architect

Limeade Institute

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