February 27 - March 01, 2019
The Florida Hotel & Conference Center - Orlando, FL

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EX Impact Agenda

Winning With World Class ExperienceJoin us at the annual Employee Experience Impact event at The Florida Hotel & Conference Center Orlando, FL from 2/27 - 3/1, 2019. Executive level speakers from IBM, Hasbro, GE, Buzzfeed, Mastercard, and more will host v ...

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Employee Experience Impact Registration Form 2019

Fill out the registration form and send it to enquiryiqpc@iqpc.com to secure your spot at EX Impact 2019. Don't miss out!If you prefer to receive a copy via email contact me at tiffany.ramirez@iqpc.com. 

Dear Boss Letter: EX Impact 2019

Fast track securing your approval to attend with our customizable Dear Boss Letter which outlines the benefits of attending, key sessions to highlight and more! How do I justify my attendance to Employee Experience Impact conference to my boss?

Past Attendee Snapshot: EX Impact 2019

Get a sneak peek of who attended the 2018 EX Impact Event! See companies and job titles so you can get an idea of who to expect to meet and network with onsite February 27 - March 1, 2019 at The Florida Hotel & Conference Center in Orlando, FL. To...

Employee Experience Impact Registration Packet

Looking to attend the 2nd Annual EX Impact? In this registration packet you will find everything you need to register: 'Dear Boss' letter to justify your attendancePast Attendee SnapshotRegistration formFor additional information email enquiryiqpc@iqpc.com.

Featured Reading

Does Financial Stress Impact Your Job Performance?

Everyone has personal stresses that can be brought into the workplace, but did you know that one of the leading stresses is caused by personal finances? Financial Stress can cause distraction at work and lead to other problems that will affect your job performance. Download this report for the ins...

How to Solve a Toxic Workplace

Do you need to transform your work culture from a negative one to a positive one? Download the report and learn how to define the characteristics of your work environment and potential strategies and solutions to improve it. To receive a copy in your inbox, email Tiffany.Ramirez@iqpc.com

Happy Employees Make Happy Customers

From EX to CX, this piece will discuss how the employee experience impacts customer experience and why that improves the bottom line for the company. It will highlight how a more positive employee experience leads to increased productivity, employee engagement, and a more conscious company as a whole. Includes real-world...

Strategic Recruitment: Top Recruiting Trends for 2019

Learn the top recruiting trends for 2019. Gain insights and strategies to keep your HR department and recruiting competitive.To receive a copy in your inbox, please email Tiffany.Ramirez@iqpc.com

The Top 5 Employee Experience Factors That Draw in Millennials

According to the US Census Bureau, Millennials make up over 35% of the workforce in today's economy. With their innovative ideas and tech-savviness, this group dictates major change for the working world. Learn about the top 5 employee experience factors that draw millennials to any organization and how your company...

6 Secrets for Employee Engagement

Better employee engagement is the key to a company's success. Learn more about direct steps to take to achieve employee engagement and join us for the EX Impact, February 27 - March 1, 2019 at the Florida Hotel & Conference Center in Orlando, FL.

Craft and update the employee experience: Design thinking in action

An organization's response to major business and workforce disruptions can mean all the world when it comes to the employee experience. HR leaders need to understand the link between their company's business strategy, customer service, and employee engagement. Applying design thinking to overhaul the employee experience as a means to...

How Recognition Drives Appreciation and Retention at Eaton

Eaton, founded in 1911, is a leading global power management company with approximately 95,000 employees around the world. With an innovative vision of improving quality of life and the environment through the use of power management technology and services, Eaton products are used by customers in more than 175 countries. ...

Past Presentations

Captivate and Engage Employees: Learn from TD Bank, Avande and Chevron

Curious about what last year's presenters spoke on at the 2018 Employee Experience Impact? We have a presentation packet on employee engagement. With speakers from TD Bank, Avande, and Chevron, this e-book offers a wealth of insight on the importance of employee engagement. Learn more at the 2019 event, running...

A Collective Culture: How HP and Nokia Built Thriving Company Cultures

Ever think culture doesn't matter much at work? Think again! At the 2018 EX Impact event, we had presenters from HP and Nokia speak on the importance of a strong company culture and how it impacts employee engagement. See their presentations here, and join us at the 2019 EX Impact,...

Using Employee Engagement to Drive the Consumer Experience

Interested in how Humana approaches employee engagement? Check out a presentation from the 2018 EX Impact on the PeopleFirst Experience to get a firsthand look! PeopleFirst is Humana's approach to the associate experience driving the customer experience.PeopleFirst focuses on how leaders create the environment and model the culture that associates...

The Importance of Developing a Strong Employer Value Proposition

In this presentation from 2018 EX Impact speaker Sara Main, Head of Employee Experience, Culture, Diversity & Employee Brand at LogMeIn, you'll learn why it's imperative that your organization has a strong employer value proposition. From decreased annual turnover rates to competitive advantages, EVPs are crucial for your organization's success.

Additional Content

The Future of CX Employees

From Brian Cantor and the experts at CCW, learn about how customer experience employees are evolving with the times and what implications future advancements will have in the years to come. Join us at the EX Impact running February 27- March 1, 2019 at The Florida Hotel & Conference Center...

Employee Engagement as the Cornerstone to CX

From Brian Cantor and the Customer Management Practice, this special report highlights why employee engagement is the cornerstone of the customer experience. Better employee experiences lead to improved customer relations and experiences, which results in a stronger bottom line for the company across the board. Learn more at EX Impact...

Better Work Space, Happier Workforce

Having a properly designed workspace can make all the difference in the happiness of employees and greatly impact the overall employee experience. Learn about workspace trends, office design, and the value of an environment that supports its employees. Hear from industry leaders from General Electric, Liverperson, Concur Technologies, and more!

Employee Engagement Leaders and What They Do Right

Curious how to foster a better employee experience at your company? Learn from employee engagement leaders like Salesforce, Google, Southwest Airlines, and Eli Lilly about the latest trends and how they are implementing them. Find out how you can replicate their success for your organization.

5 Steps to Engage Employees

Employee engagement boils down to a shared understanding of the issues that affect the business. Strong employee engagement means grasping what leads to their changes in attitude and behavior. Employees must feel truly understood in order to have a meaningful connection to their jobs. If this does not exist, attitudes...

[PODCAST]: Focusing on the Employee with Anheuser-Busch

Alexis Smith, Director of Employer Branding & Digital N.A. at Anheuser-Busch speaks to the importance of replacing the focus on the employee. Recommitting to the employee experience and remembering that the only way to reach your customers is through your employees is what makes or breaks a company.

How To Create A Culture Of Employee Feedback

Organiztions embarking on an employee engagement program often start by soliciting employee feedback. However, without the right culture and expectations in place, employee feedback may not yield accurate, honest results that lead to actions that deliver a return on investment. Learn more about how your company can effectively create a...

Mapping Out The Employee Journey

The lifeblood of the organisation is the employee, making employee journey-mapping a crucial part of the HR toolset. You can take the employee experience journey on your own terms with this zoom-able and interactive Prezi presentation. With real world examples and data featuring engagement, the Employee Journey prezi will take...

Onboarding Success in 4 Steps

One of the keys to a positive employee experiences is by starting off right. Onboarding is a critical time during the employee engagement process. Here we have the 4 steps you need to take in order to see success with the onboarding process.For more insight, join us at the 2nd...

EX Leaders from Johnson & Johnson, HP Inc and Southwest at EX Impact!

New York, New York December 21, 2018 – The International Quality and Productivity Center (IQPC) is pleased to announce that the first EX Impact took place on February 19-21st, 2018 in San Diego, California!

The Importance of Employer Branding with Alexis Smith, Anheuser-Busch

Ahead of the 2018 EX Impact Fall Summit, we sat down with Speaker Alexis Smith, Director of Employer Branding & Digital N.A. at Anheuser-Busch to discuss the impact of employer branding on the employee experience. Download this interview to learn:Marketing’s contributions to developing employer brandHow Anheuser settled on an “escape...

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Download the EX Impact 2018 Agenda

Download the agenda for EX Impact 2018 to get a glimpse into which preliminary speakers, workshops and sessions to expect this year.Confirmed Speakers Include:        Nannette Duncanson, VP of Employee Experience & Communications, TD Bank        Chris Colbert, Global Head of Employee Engagement & Employer Branding,...

Current Attendee Snapshot: Ex Impact 2019

Take a look at who is attending the 2019 EX Impact Event! See companies and job titles so you can get an idea of who to expect to meet and network with onsite February 27 - March 1, 2019 at The Florida Hotel & Conference Center in Orlando, FL. To...