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Employee Experience: The 4 Key Components of an Onboarding Strategy

Anyone who has ever held a job has had an “employee experience.”  But what is employee experience?  Its definition is really in the eye of the beholder as each employee experiences events differently.  Thinking about it in another way, it’s a series of experiences that happen during the employee life cycle.  Check out this article to learn the 4 key components to keep in mind when creating an onboarding strategy. 

Best Practices for Employee Engagement

The concept of job satisfaction was popularized in the seventies and was the first real way for businesses to directly influence performance. In the past three decades, HR professionals have started to realize that satisfaction isn’t enough for people to unlock their potential value to an organization. As a result, businesses have started to work on improving employee engagement because of the increasing understanding that deeper employee engagement leads to higher productivity and improves the overall lifetime value of their people. Employee engagement has since become the industry benchmark for how committed people are to their jobs.To learn the four key variables of measuring employee engagement, download this article. 

Embracing Social Media as a Means to Achieve Employee Engagement

The HR Exchange Network, recently, conducted a poll surrounding technology in the HR space. The purpose of the poll was to get a better idea as to what technologies companies were embracing and how. To learn which specific HR technologies are being utilized to engage employees and more, download this article.  

Re-Imagine & Craft the Employee Experience: Design Thinking in Action

Check out this content piece on reimagining and crafting the employee experience, written by leaders at Deloitte! 

Inside you will find expert insights on:

  • The importance of employee experience to your business strategy
  • Deloitte's employee experience framework
  • Key principles for effectively engaging the workforce
  • and much more!

Employee Experience Management: 4 Pillars for EX Success e-Book

What’s in the ebook?

Today’s workforce has shifted. Organizations now need to create a place where people want to work. In a world where money is no longer the primary motivating factor for employees,

focusing on employee experience is the difference between a thriving and a failing organization.

In this ebook you’ll learn how to increase the effectiveness of people initiatives and the four core principles of EX: 

  • Executive Alignment and Culture
  • Experience Feedback Systems
  • Engagement and Accountability
  • Expansion and Scale

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