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Top 3 Reasons Employee Experience Initiatives Fail

Is your employee experience initiative working? Ahead of the upcoming EX Impact conference, we sat down with two employee engagement experts to discuss best practices for measuring the success of EE programs and what you can do if things go wrong. Find out how Kathleen Zamora, the Director, Employee Engagement at Luxottica, and Colin Haupt, SVP Employee Engagement at PURE Group of Insurance, go about:

  • Leveraging the latest tools and strategies for measuring the EX program adoption
  • What to do if things go wrong. How to turn negative feedback into new and improved EX projects
  • Securing both leadership and stakeholder engagement¬†
  • How to develop and utilize post-implementation surveys to harness the power of the VOE (voice of the employee) to enhance future EX efforts

Why the Next Frontier of EX is the Digital Employee Experience

Companies that provide a positive digital employee experience are more likely to be able to attract and retain top talent. Furthermore, reports by McKinsey suggest that over 70% of digital transformation initiatives fail to meet expectations mainly because of poor user experiences (UX). With thhis in mind, we asked our network of EX leaders and experts, "How can organizations augment digital employee experience? And what are the implications of going digital-first?".

In this video, we summarize why DEX is the future of employee experience and 5 key steps for getting started on your own DEX transformation journey.