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Employee Experience Official Event Guide

Join the movement! We're bringing the EX Impact conference to San Diego this September 30-October 2! Take a look at our official agenda to get a glimpse into which speakers, sessions and workshops you can expect this year.

Highlighted Speakers Include:

  • Colette Williamson, Manager of Leadership Development and Employee Training, Southwest Airlines
  • Tami Forman, Advocate for gender equality at work and at home, Path Forward
  • Christopher Lind, Head of Global Digital Learning, GE Healthcare
  • Jennie Shephard, Worldwide Head of Talent Acquisition & Mobility, Gilead Sciences
  • Brenna Child, Head of Talent Development & Branding, The Washington Post
  • Colin Haupt, SVP, Employee Engagement, PURE Group of Insurance

To get a copy of the full event agenda via email, contact us here

EX Impact - Post Show Report

Click the download button below to see the Post Show Report for EX Impact and HR Analytics & Metrics. To receive your copy through email, contact

Creating an Integrated Employee Experience Program

This report consists of excellent thought leadership by HR Leaders with expertise in managing an engaging employee experience (EX) strategy, as well as ways to shift departmental and company mindsets toward the necessary organizational changes. Challenges include creating an exceptional and positive onboarding experience through learning and design thinking, continuously measuring and analyzing the employee experience using the pulse survey model and creating a high impact learning environment. The end goal:  to ensure positive employee interaction that drives a consumer-focused experience.

If you would prefer a copy via email, please contact

EX Impact Past Presentation Packet

Couldn't make it to the 2018 EX Impact? Check out this packet of 5 past presentations to see what you missed! Includes:

  1. Think Like an Architect: Putting the 'Experience' Into "Employee Experience" by Angela Heyroth, Managing Director, Employee Experience at Charles Schwab
  2. Nokia's Multifaceted Approach to Sustaining Cultural Cohesion Through Times of Change and Upheaval by Chris Colbert, Global Head of Employer Branding and Employee Engagement at Nokia
  3. How HP Developed It's Culture as a Movement, Not a Mandate by Luciana Duarte, VP & Global Head of Employee Communications, Engagement, + Culture, HP and Richard Cordray, Culture Program Manager, HP
  4. Surveys, Action Planning, & More - Staying Agile in Your Engagement Practices by Sam Young, Ph.D., Global Employee Engagement Lead, Avanade and Victoria Blanshteyn, Ph.D. Employee Sentiment & Insights Program Manager, Chevron
  5. LogMeIn Employer Value Proposition by Sarah Main, Head of Employee Experience, Corporate Social Responsibility, Culture & Diversity at LogMeIn

The Employee Experience Revolution: Hacking the Rules of Engagement

Employee Engagement is one of the most pressing business issues of our day. Companies large and small are wrestling with how to enhance individual employee experiences to drive overall engagement. Part discussion, part hackathon, this highly informative and interactive workshop will leave participants energized to revolutionize the employee experience at their own organizations and unleash the productivity, satisfaction and engagement of their people. Highlights include:

  • An insightful discussion of the new world of work and what it means for HR professional
  • Actionable ways to inspire brilliance from employees, each explained through vivid examples and compelling statistics
  • An employee engagement “hackathon” in which small teams tackle a common challenge and design a solution, with the winning team receiving a very cool prize!

Presentation by:

  • Ann Melinger, CEO, Brilliant Ink
  • Jackie Berg, Director of Research & Business Development, Brilliant Ink

Using Analytics to Design, Measure, & Evaluate Employee Experience

The fast-growing discipline of People Analytics offers organizations a powerful tool for gaining a deeper and more detailed understanding of the workforce than is possible through surveys and other forms of feedback alone. Analytics can uncover the factors driving positive (and negative) employee experiences and provide a data-driven basis for taking action. Data can also yield insights into the relationship between positive employee experience and other variables, such as productivity, performance, and retention.

  • Teams, tools and technologies: knowing your options
  • Strategies for overcoming common data challenges
  • Analytics options: from descriptive to predictive

Presentation by Balakarthikeyan Nagarajan, HR Executive Director - Employee Experience & People Analytics, GE

Rethinking Performance Management to Boost Engagement and Productivity

Traditional Performance Management is broken. 95 percent of managers surveyed by Mercer were dissatisfied with their organization’s performance management system, with just 3 percent saying theirs delivered “exceptional value.” According to a Gallup survey, only 2 in 10 employees say their performance is managed in a way that motivates them to do outstanding work. Dysfunctional performance management leads to lower employee engagement and productivity and contributes significantly to a poor employee experience. Hear how Allegion is rethinking their performance management process to drive ongoing conversations between managers and employees that focus on strengths, drive engagement and deliver outstanding business results. Learn:

  • How emerging workplace expectations demand a shift from performance management to performance development
  • How to develop and test a prototype system
  • How continual performance conversations, focused on leveraging strengths, drives higher engagement and better business results

Presentation by:

  1. Maigen Rowe, Director, Employee Experience, Allegion
  2. Dodie Sheffield, Manager, Talent Management, Allegion

Transforming Performance Management Into an Engagement Driver at IBM

Think about Performance Management systems that everybody dislikes! Now think about using co-creation, crowd sourcing and design thinking to build a whole new system based on feedback and continuous learning? Join the journey IBM has taken to successfully transform a traditional Performance Management system into an employee engagement driver for the company. You will also learn how this innovative system, supported by a Artificial Intelligence-infused career coach, has become an integral part of career planning and skill building.

Presentation by Horst A. Gallo, VP HR Mobility, IBM

How BuzzFeed Uses Robotic Solutions to Foster Personal Connections

“AI may be more intelligent than humans, but it will never be more loving, more caring, more wise.” This quote from Arianna Huffington reinforces the notion that artificial intelligence need not replace working people, but rather, form a partnership with them. Learn how BuzzFeed’s people team builds bots to ‘automate’ interpersonal connection and make sense of a changing organization.

  • Key misconceptions about “robots” at work
  • Creating a human-AI partnership
  • Lessons learned on the journey

Presentation by Max Brawer, People Analytics Manager, BuzzFeed

Architecting a Positive, Authentic Culture to Drive Productivity

Every workplace has a culture, for better or for worse, and that culture plays a key role in an organization’s ability to attract and retain (or repel) top talent. It’s up to leaders, including HR leaders, to ensure that culture is a positive dimension of the overall employee experience. In this session, you will hear how you can create a successful culture within your own organization, including:

  • How to assess and evaluate your organization’s culture and identify areas where change may be needed
  • Why no two organizational cultures are alike, and how to build on your organization’s distinctive identity
  • How to ensure your programs and processes align with your organization’s culture

Presentation by Shauna Buckner, Sr. Director, Employee Communications & Experience, Symantec

The Trust Factor: Creating & Sustaining a Positive Employee Experience

A recent study found that the single most important factor driving employee engagement (a key element of the overall employee experience) is trust in leaders, including immediate supervisors. However only 28 percent of the employees surveyed said their leaders made engagement with employees a priority. Clearly, organizations need to invest in leadership development if they want to succeed in improving the employee experience. Key learnings:

  • Leaders must embody and evangelize the organization’s culture
  • Building communication and engagement between leaders and employees builds trust and deepens connection to an organization’s mission
  • Taking time to understand employees’ values, motivations, and concerns is essential to effective leadership

Presentation by Thomas McCauley, Vice President of Employee Experience, Athletico Physical Therapy

The Top 5 Employee Experiences & Perks That Draw In Millennials

Who runs the world? Millennials. According to U.S. Census Bureau data, 35% of the workforce is between 21 and 36, making them the largest generation in the U.S. labor force. With their innovative ideas and tech-savviness, this group dictates major changes from the working world. Numerous reports indicate that when evaluating job offers, millennials place the heaviest focus on the employee experience, citing it as their top priority. In order to attract more of this massive talent group, hiring managers and HR professionals must understand the top employee experience factors that drive millennials today.

Download this piece to learn about the top 5 employee experience factors that draw millennials to any organization and how your company can implement them to create a more holistic corporate experience.

Linking EX with CX to Boost the Bottom Line

What comes first, your customers or employees? As the face of your business, employees serve as the ultimate brand ambassadors. From EX to CX, this piece will discuss how the employee experience impacts customer experience and why that improves the bottom line for the company. It will highlight how a more positive employee experience leads to increased productivity, employee engagement, and a more conscious company as a whole. Includes real-world examples of how customer experience leaders such as Adobe, Chick fil A and Amazon develop, roll out and optimize customer-centric employee engagement initiatives. 

Top 3 Reasons Employee Experience Initiatives Fail

Is your employee experience initiative working? Ahead of the upcoming EX Impact conference, we sat down with two employee engagement experts to discuss best practices for measuring the success of EE programs and what you can do if things go wrong. Find out how Kathleen Zamora, the Director, Employee Engagement at Luxottica, and Colin Haupt, SVP Employee Engagement at PURE Group of Insurance, go about:

  • Leveraging the latest tools and strategies for measuring the EX program adoption
  • What to do if things go wrong. How to turn negative feedback into new and improved EX projects
  • Securing both leadership and stakeholder engagement 
  • How to develop and utilize post-implementation surveys to harness the power of the VOE (voice of the employee) to enhance future EX efforts

Why the Next Frontier of EX is the Digital Employee Experience

Companies that provide a positive digital employee experience are more likely to be able to attract and retain top talent. Furthermore, reports by McKinsey suggest that over 70% of digital transformation initiatives fail to meet expectations mainly because of poor user experiences (UX). With thhis in mind, we asked our network of EX leaders and experts, "How can organizations augment digital employee experience? And what are the implications of going digital-first?".

In this video, we summarize why DEX is the future of employee experience and 5 key steps for getting started on your own DEX transformation journey.

Culture Your Culture

Organizational culture isn't just a hot topic-it's an untapped asset and potential liability for all businesses. And yet, for all its potential to make or break, few know how to manage cultures with proficiency. Culture Your Culture: Innovating Experiences @Work provides the much-needed "how-to" with Design of Work Experience (DOWE). Tapping into human-centered design, interdisciplinary innovation concepts, and other research, this leading edge approach partners employees and their employers in unprecedented ways to co-create solutions and differentiating experiences that are customized, relevant, and profoundly impactful to the organizations for which they are intended-all while building employee engagement, learning agility, and capability.

Download to read an excerpt from Karen's book Culture Your Culture or email for a copy sent to your inbox.