Tackling Today’s Big Compensation & Benefits Challenges: Strategies for Success

The war for talent is hotter than ever, and organizations are using every lever they can find to mitigate risk and gain a competitive edge. Compensation & Benefits professionals have a key role to play in enhancing their companies’ Employee Value Proposition and attracting must-have talent. At Future Workforce, you will hear how forward-thinking organizations are tackling these challenges head-on.

Day One, May 20th: Pay Equity

Day Two, May 21st: Benefits for a Multi-generational Workforce

Over two days of workshops, case studies, panel discussions, and roundtables you will gain a deep understanding of two of the most urgent challenges facing Comp & Ben professionals issues, why they matter, and how to take effective action.

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Why Attend?

Understand the increasingly diverse and multi-generational workforce

Learn how to use pay equity and a smart benefits strategy to win top talent

Explore strategies for retooling compensation and benefits in the short, medium, and long term

Strategize communications plans: what to say, when, and to which audiences

Assess how much you can do in house, and when you might need outside help

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