March 23-24, 2021



DAY ONE | 23 MARCH 2021

9:00 SGT Moving to Agile at Scale to Enable Resource Enablement Enterprise Wide and Enhance Skills Identification
  • How to listen to the employee in parallel with the UX design
  • How to understand our people and self-driven career opportunities
  • How to create resilience, adaptability, and inclusion                                                                                                                                                                                                        
Melissa Dorey, Head of the People Digital Experience, Telstra 

10.00 SGT Session Reserved for ServiceNow 

11:00 SGT  The Great Migration: What to Do When Everyone Is Everywhere

Join Globalization Partners Founder and CEO Nicole Sahin in this conversation about the immediate challenge of ensuring compliance for your existing workforce in a remote-first world.  We will cover the most relevant questions for companies seeking to work with international talent, including:
  • Do the employees have the legal right to live and work in a location different from where your headquarters are?
  • What does it cost to let employees keep their jobs, remote working from their new jurisdictions?
  • Should your company re-assess for local compensation benchmarking?
  • What if employees don’t have the legal right to work where they wish to relocate?
  • How can a Global Employer of Record help you stay compliant with a remote workforce?
Nicole Sahin, CEO, Globalization Partners 

12:00 SGT Use Emerging Tools to Visualise the Real-Time State of Your Workforce for More Informed Decision-Making

With the right structure, culture, processes, and technology—working remotely can boost productivity and morale and in turn, increase business success and ROI. It’s important organisations define new ways of working with digital tools by collating best practices from various teams in the company to help speed up adoption and scalability. 
  • How do we measure business success now?
  • How are we going to measure performance at individual, team, and business level and how can we instil and build trust remotely to ensure teams perform?
  • How do we sustain proximity to our customers and our talent given the volatility in the market?
Priyanka Anand, Vice President and Head of HR, South East Asia, Ericsson 

DAY TWO | 24 MARCH 2021

9:00 SGT How Employee Experience Drives Digital and Cost-Efficient Transformations 

How Employee Experience enables a digital mindset
What other than digital tools makes an organisation digital
Assessing how Digital reduces cost and improves engagement

Monir Azzouzi, VP, People Experience & People Relations, Go Jek

10:00 SGT  Session Reserved for DISPRZ     

11.00 SGT Panel Discussion: 
  • How do we put employees at the centre of an organisation?
  • What robust approaches can be utilised to listen to employees?
  • How can design thinking and agile approaches combined be utilised to enhance the HX?
Saurabh Jain, Head of Human Resources, ABN AMRO
Monir Azzouzi, VP, People Experience & People Relations, Go Jek
Damon Deaner, Director, Employee Experience Design, IBM

12:00 SGT Leveraging Data to Generate an End-to-End People Experience of the Future

The journey of the employee is central a meaningful experience at work. Understanding the employee and driving a human-centric mindset that focuses beyond designing programs or processes brings an innovate approach that will change the way HR teams deliver value, organise work and find solutions. It’s crucial to strategize and look at people analytics as an enabler to enhance the employee’s learning experience. This session will address: 
  • Exploring how data capabilities and employee experience go hand in hand
  • Applying the process and some tools like-employee journey mapping and empathy mapping
  • Leveraging data to better understand the roles and skills you need for your organisation to enable a future-fit workforce
Detlef Hold, Head of Digital Learning Experience, Roche 

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Melissa Dorey

Head of the People Digital Experience


Priyanka Anand

Vice President and Head of HR, South East Asia


Saurabh Jain

Head of Human Resources


Monir Azzouzi

VP, People Experience & People Relations


Detlef Hold

Head of Digital Learning Experience


Damon Deaner

Director, Employee Experience Design


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