Agenda Day 1 - 8th June 2021

More than ever before we are looking to technology to support this new hybrid working team environment. Flexible work arrangements are increasing productivity, increasing wellness, and reducing operating costs - this is all underpinned by the implementation of collaborative team technologies.

Utilisation of collaborative technologies enables the team to work more productively supporting greater outcomes for the customer/stake holder and ultimately the organisation.  This session will address:


  • Understanding the framework to implement team technologies in a flexible work environment
  • Know the core technologies for a collaborative and innovative flexible team

·       Utilising data analytics to support better decision making

  • Assessing the best ways of creating a high tech, high touch employee experience without losing the human experience and driving success within
  • Understand the principles for effective communication in an online environment


Trang Tam Nguyen

Global Head of Human Resources, Unilever International cum Head of Human Resources, Unilever Asia Private Limited
Unilever International and Unilever Asia Private Limited

10:00 am - 10:45 am SGT HR Technology Priorities For the COVID Era – How the pandemic has shifted HR Technology Priorities

The impact of COVID-19 has triggered an acceleration of Digital HR, as new ways of working forced organisations to tap into their technologies and pushed creative ways of leveraging them. It’s important to being exploring how your organisation can strengthen the digital base of HR and unleash the true power of HR Technology. The time has come for HR to reimagine not only its own future, but also the future of the business. This session will address:

·       How HR jobs and functions will evolve in the next 3 to 5 years due to technology

·       How can technology help the HR profession thrive in the post-COVID world of remote work and more resilient supply chains?

·       Assessing new and emerging HR functions, and the skills that HR professionals require to rise to the challenge and harness opportunities ahead

11:00 am - 11:45 am SGT How AI can help HR design a personalised employee experience

AI has huge scope to improve HR Functions. “Like what?” you might think. It can improve anything including self-service transactions, payroll, reporting and recruiting and talent acquisition. HR managers can benefit by incorporating AI into HR functions. It will improve the overall employee experience and can even help the HR leaders get rid of their employee churn related nightmares. This session will address:


·       Technology to succeed, how to build a transparent culture

·       Using AI tools to gauge real time insight into Employee Engagement

·       Assessing current barriers in adopting AI technologies in the HR Space

12:00 pm - 12:45 pm SGT Utilising Design Thinking to create, design and deliver engaging L&D programs

Mukta Arya - Head of HR SEA, Societe Generale

-       How we sped up our digital transformation process in a matter of months to boost engagement

-       Utilising AI based training tools for improved communication

-       The next steps to measure performance, drive ROI and integrate technology into our HR strategy


Mukta Arya

Head of HR SEA
Societe Generale