Agenda Day 2 - 9th June 2021

9:00 am - 9:45 am SGT Leveraging agile, human centred design and automation technology to drive digital transformation in HR

Justin Sterns - Head of People Tech and Analytics, Allens

At Allens we have seen the importance in progressing the role of HR from tactical work to higher ‘value-added’ tasks for improved employee experience. With streamlined processes and automation technology we can empower HR teams to work in a more agile and productive way. It’s important to Allens that we draw on our mixture of expertise and innovation to improve internal workflow and processes. This session will address:

·       How we began our agile journey to empower and pass ownership and trust of processes over to people

·       Explore what technology has been utilised to support our journey to date

·       What does the future hold for Allens when it comes to investing in technology and people


Justin Sterns

Head of People Tech and Analytics

10:00 am - 10:45 am SGT Panel Discussion: Data Driven HR: How to Use People Analytics to Predict HR Needs of the Future

The role of HR will undoubtedly shift away from the more administrative tasks around people management (which can be easily automated in the future) to activities that help the organization meet its goals. It's vital that HR delivers real value and unique benefits that cannot be delivered by any other function in the organization. The AI and machine learning tools coming onto the market will allow us to automatically analyse HR data and generate valuable insights. With the machines taking care of the data analysis and insight generation, HR professionals can focus on what they do best: working with people. This session will address:

·       Workforce planning

·       What challenges need to be overcome in people analytics and work in the future

  • Understanding practical ways HR teams can deliver maximum value in our increasingly data-driven world

11:00 am - 11:45 am SGT Maximising HR Productivity Through the Use of AI and ML

HR will have a unique role to play in this data- and AI-driven world. The proliferation of data analytics, IoT-enabled devices, and AI tools is only going to continue, and this will carry on impacting the way HR works, just like every other area of the business. It’s crucial to think about what HR will look like in the future, and this includes what exactly can be automated, and what can’t. It’s imperative to begin assessing HR’s contribution to the workplace of the future.

This session will address:

  • Understanding Role of AI & Machine Learning in the future of HR Management
  • How does HR play roles in supporting technology like AI and Machine Learning in the process of HR Management?
  • Assessing the ongoing challenges of HR Management in the digital era

12:00 pm - 12:45 pm SGT Staff Engagement Technology in the Global Context: Apart but Together

Nicki Walsh - HR Director, Tunstall Healthcare, APAC

-       What strategies, tools and technology has been implemented to help support engagement of employees

-       How has technology been utilised to support employee wellbeing and productivity?

-       Assessing the ongoing challenges of HR Management in the digital era


Nicki Walsh

HR Director
Tunstall Healthcare, APAC