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HR Leaders Exchange Canada 2020 Agenda

The World's Leading Brands & You! The HR Leaders Exchange is an intimate, closed- door forum that brings an evolutionary concept in networking and business information delivery – one that is designed to directly connect Heads of HR, Learning and Talen ...

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NEW: How Manitoba Public Insurance is Enabling a Culture of Excellence

In this exclusive interview, we sat down with the CHRO of Manitoba Public Insurance, Satvir Jatana, to find out how her organization has become one of 

NEW Q&A - Transforming the Learning Experience by Leveraging AI: A Journey at CI

In our newest Q&A, Nicole Jensen, VP of Learning at CI Investments and speaker at this year's HR Leaders Canada, answers a few questions on adopting AI learning platforms. View full Q&A.

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Who's Seeking Your Solutions?

Fill out this form to download and unmask the list of attending HR decision-makers who you will be able to meet in face-to-face, private business conferences. This download includes an overview of the Exchange's Attendees along with their respective Fortune 1000 employers who are actively seeking Solutions Providers in the HR...

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Creating an Integrated Employee Experience Program

There are a number of unique challenges that today's HR Executives face when trying to engage employees and optimize employee experience. This report will deliver valuable insights on how to face these challenges and attract high quality talent in this increasingly competitive job market. 

Disruptive Trends Redefining HR

In this report, discover how the growing digital landscape and millennial workforce are redefining how HR professionals do their jobs.

HR in the Age of AI

As artificial intelligence continues to be adopted in commercial environments, expectations of the intelligent systems we interact with daily will change. Or, evolve. The HR community is no different. In this report, we look at where AI is making an impact now and what to expect in the near future.HR...