Building A Digital Workforce to Enable Agile Businesses

In the Asia Pacific, Nintendo, Singapore Airlines and Tata Motors were part of Global 200: The World’s Best Employers. So how did these companies withstand the test of time and remain so desirable to work for.

The Future of Work will never be the same!

Organisations need to now have an agile workforce that is flexible, mobile and well-equipped to handle digital & technology advancements. This is further emphasised with the recent COVID-19 outbreak, where companies had to implement business and workforce continuity management in the midst of chaos.

However, staying ahead of competition with the right talent, enabling a digital workforce and ensuring a robust BCM remain key challenges for HR.

Chairperson Message
Rahul Kalia, Head of Human Resources , Asia Pacific, Bayer CropScience

Dear Industry Colleagues,

In these times of change, ambiguity and complexity, employee engagement is of paramount importance. Having a motivated and engaged workforce could be a competitive advantage for the organization as it could be an important make or break decision-criteria; if not done properly it could become a derailer.

Employee engagement involves some simple principles; two-way communication or feedback with the management, empowerment, quick decision-making .The principles of employee engagement remain the same whether it’s global, regional, or the local organisation.

Employee engagement is one of the most important things that we need to do in the current ambiguous and complex environment, but it’s the way that we implement the employee engagement activities that drives the employee experience. For successful implementation of employee engagement initiatives, it’s very important to have a thorough understanding of the context around cultural nuances (organisational as well as the country/community).

As we are engaging with a multigenerational workforce. Cultivating a new culture, finding balance between engagement and satisfaction, agility and adaptability is no easy task. Our role is to “enable the enablers” and this is the value we bring our organisation.

In this time of crisis with the out-break of 2019 Novel Coronavirus, I understand that you may be engaged with business continuity measures and I applaud you for playing an important role to minimise the health risk for employees and the community.

Coming July 2020, join me at Future HR Week as we will address the building blocks of Future HR. The future of work will never be the same.

Key Themes:

Driving Business Completive Through HR Innovation and Transformation

Cultivating a New Culture to Enhance Employee Experience

Addressing Business Continuity Through Workforce Mobility and Agility

Enabling Digital Workforce to Drive Future of Work

Ensuring Strong Employer Branding to Support Talent