17 - 20 September, 2019

Post-Conference Workshops – Friday 20 September 2019

9:00 am - 12:00 pm Workshop C: Digitalisation as a Key Enabler of HR and Organisational Transformation

Without a doubt, digitalisation has revolutionised and changed the way we work. For most of us, there is not a day without a gadget in our lives - both human and technology are inseparable. We hear lots of buzzwords such as Gig Economy, Industry 4.0, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT),  Blockchain technology and recently Industry 5.0, which is on the horizon. The key challenge for HR practitioners is to integrate all these for the benefits of both our talents and business success. This workshop discusses how digitalisation can facilitate certain HR practices and processes and further shape the future of HR, without neglecting the human and talents aspects of it, creating a win-win and collaborative approach. 
 In this workshop, delegates will learn how to:
·         Utilise digitalisation to complement and not to replace processes and people
·         Seek the right mindset and equip HR practitioners with the right digital knowledge, awareness and skills
·         Integrate and embrace technology for the betterment of talent, HR and business as a whole
·         Strike a significant balance between HR functions and technology, and link it with the people and business 
Prakash Santhanam, Talent Management, Senior Expert at Omantel

Prakash Santhanam

Talent Management, Senior Expert

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm Workshop D: Measuring the ROI of Employee Experience

Many companies are pushing for a more efficient and inclusive employee experience by experimenting with new and exciting perks and initiatives, like remote work policies or employee recognition programs. However, it can be tough to determine whether organisations can truly measure the ROI of such experience-enhancing techniques.
This exclusive workshop delves into:
·         What makes a good employee wellbeing strategy
·         Obtaining buy in from the entire company
·         How companies incorporate digital throughout their employee wellbeing strategies
·         How should companies respond to engagement metrics data
·         Poor success with employee engagement, what went wrong
·         Achieving expected business outcomes with the right strategy and implementation
Rahul Kalia, Head of Human Resources APAC at Bayer Crop Science Division

Rahul Kalia

Head of Human Resources APAC
Bayer Crop Science Division