17 - 20 September, 2019

Pre-Conference Workshops - Tuesday 17 September 2019

9:00 am - 12:00 pm Workshop A: HR Business Partnering with HR Analytics for Capability, Productivity and Retention

This workshop explores the importance and application of the HR Business Partnering (HRBP) practice and demonstrates how HR Analytics can be used to reinforce HRBP, in order to help leaders generate deep insights to make more informed and intelligent business decisions. This results in improved business outcomes such as increased ROI and profit margins, staff productivity, engagement and retention, and proves extremely useful in the critical business decision-making process.
Delegates will be able to learn how to:
·         Be more hands-on with strategic planning and business matters
·         Make sense of HR information and data collected to put together an engaging story
·         Present and communicate HR analytics results clearly
·         Obtain stakeholder buy-in and support for key business decisions 
Shalini Prasad, Head of HR Effectiveness - APA at Maersk

Shalini Prasad

Head of HR Effectiveness - APA

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm Workshop B: Innovating Employee Experience With “Out of the Box” Design Thinking

Design thinking is becoming a major trend and approach in HR. Therefore, better understanding of employee experience design thinking, its power and its implications are crucial for the success of an organisation. HR professionals need to start working “What does a great employee experience look like from end to end?”
Learn to:
·         Design employee experiences with human-centered focus and practical applicability
·         Leverage on AI and analytics to drive game-changing innovation
·         Engage employees to co-create the most relevant and valuable experiences
·         Prepare for the future of work
Chhaya Dhar Sinha, Director of Talent at LEGO Group

Chhaya Dhar Sinha

Director of Talent
LEGO Group