People Analytics Winter 2020

HR Reinvented: Connect Data with People for Empowered Business Outcomes!

Whether you are just getting started in your analytics journey or are an advanced analytics guru, the People Analytics Winter 2020 Summit will ensure that you walk away with practical knowledge on how to tackle your most pressing challenges, gain professional and personal development and an experience enhanced onsite experience in 2020.

 Key discussions include the latest trends in analytics including behavioral nudges, automation for data analytics and data lakes; diversity and inclusion in the workplace as well as the use of data to reduce employee turnover. 


New for People Analytics Winter 2020:

Customized Educational Content:
  • Team Analytics: How to build your People Analytics team
  • Leadership Development: Shaping analytics to improve leadership performance
  • Learn: Common mistakes made when using talent analytics
  • Recognize: The importance of building an employee persona
Professional and Personal Development Opportunities:
  • Develop communication skills not just for yourself but your team and organization in our shared People Analytics and EX Impact interactive panels
Revamped Onsite Networking Experiences:
  • Get tangible solutions to your current challenges with our "Establish Your ROI" buyer-seller meeting
  • The Early Bird catches the worm! Join us for early morning networking events on both days of the conference!

    Key Benefits of Attending

    Enable Cross-Functional Collaboration: position HR as the head of the executive leadership table

    Talk Numbers: analyze the ROI of your people practices & convey a data story to your business leaders

    Upgrade your KPIs: the workforce metrics you need to use now to scrap the metrics that don't matter

    Elevate the Employee Experience: the  mission critical priority to drive enhanced business results

    Career Development: establish and advance a data-driven HR organization

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