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Dear Boss Letter + Attendee ROI Calculator

Download our Dear Boss Letter to gain a framework for articulating the value of attending People Analytics Winter 2020Fully customizable, our "justification letter" also includes an interactive attendee ROI calculator to help you build your case to attend.

Current Attendee Snapshot: People Analytics Winter 2020

People Analytics Winter and EX Impact Winter are bringing together HR professionals from both industries for 3+ of networking opportunities. Check out the latest current attendee snapshot for the full list of who'll connect with during the shared morning sessions, workshops, and lunch breaks. For an copy via email, please...

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Uncover & Activate Hidden Talent with Organizational Network Analysis (ONA)

A Conversation with 2020 People Analytics speaker Philip Arkcoll, Founder, Worklytics.Who at your company inspires change? It might not be who you think. Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) is a powerful tool for not only identifying internal influencers, but visualizing how communications, information, and decisions flow through an organization. In this...

Building Diversity with People Analytics

A Conversation with Patrick Boyle, Talent Analytics & Strategy Consultant, Dell Technologies on how Dell is using HR analytics to drive diversity. Download to learn:How to use simple measurements such as the dissimilarity index to measure workplace diversity and equityWhy data access and communication are keys to turning insight into...

Top Five Reasons People Analytics Initiatives Fail

A surprising number of analytics efforts fall short. We asked a leading People Analytics practitioner for his take on why.For a hard copy to be sent to your inbox please email

The State of People Analytics in 2019

The HR Metrics & Analytics Summit surveyed 150+ HR leaders across a wide range of industries to gain an understanding of the current state of people analytics. Respondents were asked to benchmark their analytics maturity level, specify how they manage employee records and data to HR activities, and describe the...

Strategic Recruitment Trends You Need to Know in 2019

Learn the top recruiting trends for 2019. Gain insights and strategies to keep your HR department and recruiting competitive.For a hard copy to be sent to your inbox please email

Why Data Science is HR's Hottest Career

In recent years data science has gained serious traction in not only the technology world but also within HR. But what exactly does a data scientist do and how can the role be an asset to HR's function? We explored the ins and outs of the career and its implications...

What Makes a Workplace Toxic and How to Solve It

Not sure how to define your work culture? Need tips to improve your office environment?In this report you'll learn:Characteristics of a toxic work culture Strategies to improve your company's environment Tips in improving employee/management relationships

Does Financial Stress Impact Your Job Performance?

Everyone has personal stresses that can be brought into the workplace, but did you know that one of the leading stresses is caused by personal finances? Financial Stress can cause distraction at work and lead to other problems that will affect your job performance. Download this report for the ins...

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Top 10 Trends in People Analytics

A detailed look at some of the hottest developments in the field of People Analytics, from ONA to "Nudge"For a hard copy to be sent to your inbox please email

Human Resources: Strategic, Predictive and Cost Effective

With the rise of HR digital capabilities, data analytics and strategic workforce planning, HR professionals may now showcase revenue generation and return on investment. Predictive Hiring, Strategic Workforce Planning, and overall analytics of the metrics being measured are the keys to HR successfully implementing change in any organization.

People-Centric Analytics: How to Benefit from Data Analysis

Exploring how employees can benefit from data analysis is a tricky but integral part of implementing a metrics and analytics system into your organization. Training & development, engagement, and employability are all areas with the opportunity to improve once analytics are in place. The next variable to consider? Privacy.

Disruptive Trends Redefining Human Resources

This report explains how to merge social media with employee engagement, and offers detailed thought leadership on why companies have to embrace the concept. It provides step-by-step processes, and real-life, successful examples.  Readers will also gain insight from leaders in the HR community on leveraging such practices to build loyalty,...

Past Presentations

Insights from On-Site - People Analytics - Part 1

Presentations from People Analytics Fall 2019- Presentation Packet 

Insights from On-Site - People Analytics - Part 2

Presentations from the People Analytics Fall 2019-Presentation Packet-  Diving into Prescriptive Analytics with the People Power Index - Michael Kilpatrick, Senior Manager of HR Analytics, Banfield Pet Hospital Building The Skills That Support Your Business’ Strategy - Nicholas Garbis, Global Lead for Strategic Workforce Planning, Allianz How To Achieve Actionable...