Top Five Reasons People Analytics Initiatives Fail

A surprising number of analytics efforts fall short. We asked a leading People Analytics practitioner for his take on why.

The State of People Analytics in 2019

The HR Metrics & Analytics Summit surveyed 150+ HR leaders across a wide range of industries to gain an understanding of the current state of people analytics. Respondents were asked to benchmark their analytics maturity level, specify how they manage employee records and data to HR activities, and describe the largest impact people analytics has had on their business. For a copy in your inbox, e-mail: Tiffany.Ramirez@iqpc.com

Strategic Recruitment Trends You Need to Know in 2019

Learn the top recruiting trends for 2019. Gain insights and strategies to keep your HR department and recruiting competitive.

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Why Data Science is HR's Hottest Career

In recent years data science has gained serious traction in not only the technology world but also within HR. But what exactly does a data scientist do and how can the role be an asset to HR's function? We explored the ins and outs of the career and its implications for the future of company decisions. Learn from organizations including Google and Xerox about how data science has improved their processes. 

What Makes a Workplace Toxic and How to Solve It

Not sure how to define your work culture? Need tips to improve your office environment?

In this report you'll learn:

  • Characteristics of a toxic work culture 
  • Strategies to improve your company's environment 
  • Tips in improving employee/management relationships

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Does Financial Stress Impact Your Job Performance?

Everyone has personal stresses that can be brought into the workplace, but did you know that one of the leading stresses is caused by personal finances? Financial Stress can cause distraction at work and lead to other problems that will affect your job performance. Download this report for the ins and outs of financial stress and what you can do to help it and your performance at work. 

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Attendee Snapshot: Sponsorship

Take a peek at who you can expect to network with on-site. Dont forget to check out the last page to find out more on exclusive sponsorship opportunities available to network with our high-level audience at this year’s event!

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