Day One: Wednesday, March 25, 2020

10:15 am - 10:45 am Registration

10:45 am - 10:50 am Welcome Orientation

10:50 am - 11:00 am Thoughtexchange App Introduction

11:00 am - 11:05 am Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

11:05 am - 11:35 am Reducing Vacancy by Re-imagining the Candidate and Employee Experience - Source to Hire

Low unemployment rates have created a fierce competition to fill all positions, from entry-level to skilled and certified labor in fields like healthcare and the professional beauty industry. To counter that, companies are overhauling their recruitment program, focusing on establishing their brand and leveraging technology.

In this session, Jacob Kramer and Tannen Ellis-Graham will discuss:

  • Streamlining the application 
  • Digitizing the recruiting process 
  • Creating effective solutions that drive an economic return

11:35 am - 12:05 pm Innovating a Culture of Trust from Day One: Marketing the Employee Experience to Attract Qualified Candidates

Karla Samdahl - Global Head of Executive Talent Acquisition, Talent Hub, and Talent Trends, Cisco Systems
Successful companies have learned that treating candidates as customers and investing resources in brand advertising, also shapes a connection with prospective applicants. Employer branding is the first plan you need to perfect before starting a recruitment drive, to define and communicate what your organization stands for, and what sets your company apart as you compete for resources in a limited talent pool. In this session Karla Samdahl will discuss how they build that culture through multiple initiatives that allow employees bring their whole selves to the workplace. Topics include:

  • Building an engaging website with effective SEO/SEM to attract qualified candidates
  • Mobile recruitment optimization to create a seamless experience to a wider pool
  • Developing effective communication to convey brand value


Karla Samdahl

Global Head of Executive Talent Acquisition, Talent Hub, and Talent Trends
Cisco Systems

12:05 pm - 12:15 pm Ignite Session- Presented by Hacker Rank

12:15 pm - 12:45 pm Building a More Inclusive Workforce with Early Talent presented by Handshake

Every employer is under pressure to demonstrate momentum and results with diversity and inclusion, not only in their workforce but also in their hiring and attraction practices. And, we know why: Harvard Business Review shows that racially diverse teams outperform non diverse teams by 35%.
Many employers are finding success by bringing more equity into their workforce through early talent. It's proven to power a more representative, diverse workforce. Join Luke Baxter, Handshake's VP of Employer Product and Insights, to learn how early talent can: 
  • Create larger, farther reaching talent pools
  • Develop a pipeline for growth and leadership internally
  • Bring talent into an org that already possess many of the digital skills that are needed to succeed today 

12:45 pm - 1:45 pm Networking Lunch

You have spent weeks, maybe months, and considerable resources identifying the right candidates, and after what you think is a successful hire, they leave in the first year. One way to avoid that turnover is to leverage the entire team to effectively integrate them into the company culture and successfully onboard new employees. Very often onboarding is seen by many managers as checking off the boxes, and new employees fill out forms, watch compliance videos and are expected to jump right in and engage in on-the-job, sink or swim learning. But when properly coached on how to regularly connect, train and communicate with their new employees in a purposeful way, new employees are more likely to thrive in their new environment, and reduces the costs and disruption to your workforce that turnover creates. In this discussion Victoria Quarterman and Jason Balaban will discuss how they created game plans for their teams, building profitable and diverse corporate communities, including: 

  • Building benchmarks for regular communication with new employees, outside of the regular review schedule
  • Create programs that pair new employees with teammates who can act as resources for company information
  • Leverage technology to ensure just-in-time training is easily available
  • Create a culture of learning within your organization, to build an effective leadership pipeline


Victoria Quarterman

Head of Talent Acquisition
The Atlanta Braves


Jason Balaban

Vice President of Talent Acquisition
First American Title

2:15 pm - 2:45 pm Gender Parity: Data and Actions in Recruiting

Jim McCoy - Chief Revenue Officer and General Manager, Scout
The U.S. ranks #53 in gender parity among all countries, according to the World Economic Forum. As with all social justice movements, the change needed will come about through policy and collective action over time. That may sound abstract and impersonal.
But if you implement actions known to move the needle and have the data to interpret and track progress, you can be the talent leader who makes a difference.
In this session, we will review current data on gender equity and discuss how to drive change in your organization. Our focus will be on the immediate and the actionable.


Jim McCoy

Chief Revenue Officer and General Manager

2:50 pm - 3:20 pm Business Meetings

3:20 pm - 3:50 pm Business Meetings

3:50 pm - 4:20 pm Business Meetings

4:20 pm - 4:50 pm Networking Break


4:35 pm - 5:20 pm How to Effectively Recruit Remote Employees
More employees see the benefits of remote work, flexibility to pursue the job they want for a company they want to work for, without having to relocate, and now technology makes it possible to attract and retain remote workers. But it brings a unique set of challenges. This is an in-depth discussion led by a solution provider, providing a unique view on tools available to streamline your recruitment process, including:

•Deciding which positions can be effectively done remotely when geography limits qualified candidates
•How to build rapport through video and email interview methods
•Developing effective onboarding and mentor plan to effectively manage and retain remote talent 


4:35 pm - 5:20 pm Using Technology to Look Inward – Building an Effective Internal Recruiting Program
As technology rapidly evolves and replaces headcount in many industries, companies are taking a second look at mobility within their organizations, becoming more effective in identifying the quiet stars in their workforce who are aligned with the company mission. Recruiting them to take on leadership roles is especially important in specialized or licensed industries, where market knowledge and certifications are needed.

In this session we will discuss:
•How to use existing employee data to target internal talent
•Building a culture of mobility to develop effective management teams
•Leveraging your L&D Team to build a leadership pipeline

5:25 pm - 6:05 pm Virtual Crowdsourcing – How to Successfully Use Social Media for Recruiting

Social media allows you to quickly reach potential candidates for your new workforce in a place they already spend most of their time. Very often they are already engaged with your brand and are receptive and eager to join your team. Unlike the regular job boards, social media allows you to easily gain greater insight into their personalities, personal and professional network, and their aesthetic; an organic and true resume. In this panel we will discuss:

  • Selecting the right platform to quickly attract the right candidates for the job
  • How to actively listen on social media for brand issues and opportunities
  • Creating impactful content that resonates with prospects
  • Social recruiting software that helps you connect more efficiently 

6:05 pm - 6:15 pm Ignite Session: Behind Every Good Hire is a Robust and Reliable Reference Check

6:15 pm - 7:30 pm Champagne Roundtables

Join the other attendees as we break into groups, enjoy a glass of bubbly, and take a deep dive into the challenge faced by Talent Acquisition executives. Topics include:

  • Modernizing How Companies Develop Talent, moderated by Wiley Education Services
  • Social Strategy and Execution, moderated by Bayard Advertising
  • Monitoring the Candidate Experience Online, moderated by Handshake

7:30 pm - 7:35 pm Chairperson's Closing Remarks

7:35 pm - 8:35 pm Networking Dinner